The first voyage energy-saving: the first voyage of photothermal power generation.




(The following article from the CSPPLAZA photothermal power generation platform)

The first voyage, the first voyage, airplanes, ships, and spaceships, their first voyages are often particularly eye-catching, because this first voyage represents courage and strength. For Beijing Shouhang Aiqiwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shouhang Energy Saving), the term "Shouhang" contains the strength and courage to innovate continuously.

On the afternoon of October 18, the fourth stop of the third phase of the national tour research activity of CSPPLAZA member units sponsored by CSPPLAZA and co-organized by Beijing Tianruixing Photothermal Technology Co., Ltd. entered the first flight energy-saving investigation and research. Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of the first flight energy conservation, Gao Feng, general manager, Yang Rui, general manager of the engineering department, and Hui Chao, technical director, received the research delegation.

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Promote the layout of the whole industrial chain of light and heat to lead the development of the industry.

At the research symposium, Huang Wenbo said that Shouhang Energy Saving is positioned for green innovation and development, committed to the layout of the entire photothermal industry chain, and relying on the troika of technology, management, and capital to achieve rapid development. The word "Shouhang" of Shouhang Energy Saving represents the company's courage to take responsibility, innovate and be the first in the layout of related industries, but this courage is not unprepared. Shouhang Energy Saving has the courage to lead the development of the industry because Shouhang Energy Saving has made full preparations.

It is reported that Shouhang Energy Saving has been brave enough to develop and innovate in the photothermal power generation business since it set foot in the green development business in 2006. At present, it has a number of photothermal-related patents and effective software copyrights. It has the advantage of providing solutions in the whole industry chain from equipment and material research and development, engineering design, core equipment manufacturing, power station construction management to later operation and maintenance. It can reduce the cost of power station construction and improve the efficiency through optimization of design and production process. The first flight energy saving in the trough, molten salt tower demonstration and disc Stirling three major photothermal technology fields have layout, is currently the only domestic enterprises to master the three photothermal power generation technology.

Huang Wenbo said that the first flight energy conservation entered the stage of photothermal commercialization project development and industrial scale in 2014. There are three main photothermal commercialization projects, namely, the completed Dunhuang Phase I 10MW tower molten salt photothermal power generation project (successfully connected to the grid in December 2016); Dunhuang Phase II 100MW Tower Molten Salt Photothermal Power Generation Project (selected as the first batch of national demonstration projects, currently under construction); the first voyage energy saving won the bid of the CGN Delingha 50MW slot project mirror field EPC project. It is worth mentioning that the 10MW tower molten salt photothermal power generation project is the third in the world and the first in Asia to achieve 24-hour continuous power generation. Its successful operation has injected strong impetus into the development of the photothermal industry.

Shouhang's energy-saving photothermal power generation technology has been in the forefront of the world, and is moving towards a high starting point and high-quality photothermal power generation leader, which is inseparable from its unique corporate advantages. Shouhang Energy Saving has achieved independent research and development and manufacturing of key core components, and its rich project construction and years of experience in equipment and design improvement and commissioning have ensured that the equipment designed and manufactured by the company can meet the needs of different owners, different types and different scales of photothermal power station construction. Secondly, the company has a variety of traditional and modern design schemes. The modern scheme is based on reliable performance and tested, citing new technologies and new processes; in terms of service, Shouhang Energy Saving has a complete quality management system, international advanced production lines and specialized technical and after-sales service organizations, which can effectively ensure the smooth commissioning of the project, improve production efficiency and control product quality.

In addition, at the capital level, as an A- share listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, relying on the capital market, Shouhang Energy Conservation has a unique advantage in promoting the development of the capital-intensive solar thermal power generation industry, and it also makes good use of this advantage. On September 26 this year, the first flight energy saving completed a total of 4.5 billion yuan inquiry fixed increase. The total amount of funds raised this time is RMB 4.467 billion. The funds will be used for 100MW solar molten salt tower solar thermal power generation project and solar thermal power generation equipment manufacturing base project in Dunhuang. This also created the largest capital raising in the history of the photothermal industry, which not only successfully solved the funding problem of the first voyage energy-saving development photothermal project, but also brought strong confidence to the development of the industry.

Advanced management mode and organization of photothermal project construction

The solar thermal power generation project is a typical project with relatively concentrated resource supply, talent-intensive, technology-intensive and capital-intensive. From the perspective of project management, the key lies in the project construction management mode and organizational ability adopted by the project owner. As the investor of the project and the owner of the project assets, in order to ensure the realization of the project objectives, the owner needs to determine the organization and management of the project construction according to the scale, characteristics, technical complexity and its own project management level and experience.

As a leading enterprise in the photothermal industry, Shouhang Energy Saving also understands the importance of the choice of construction management mode. Yang Rui, general manager of the first voyage energy-saving engineering division, stressed that the whole plant of molten salt tower type photothermal power station is composed of a compact area with heat absorption tower as the center and a relatively wide area of mirror field. The heat absorption tower runs through the whole construction process from the key construction line. From the aspect of safety management, the construction of structures around the heat absorption tower is restricted by the construction of the heat absorption tower. If the construction process resources are well organized, it will be a short and fast project, however, if each of these links fails to keep up, it will affect the entire project process, and the impact of some links on the project progress will be irremediable.

According to this, Yang Rui said that the energy-saving Dunhuang 10MW and 100MW photothermal power stations on the first voyage have adopted the whole industrial chain contracting mode from design, supply, procurement of complete sets, commissioning to operation and maintenance. Its organization and management ideas can be summarized as follows: the progress of the heat absorption tower is the main line, the simultaneous construction of buildings and structures around the tower is safe, the simultaneous construction of multiple sectors in the mirror yard is necessary, and the presence of qualified main materials according to ensure, fine debugging is the key." The construction management mode and organization scheme framework are determined, and there are more detailed management organization schemes for the construction organization and operation and maintenance management of the power station. Yang Rui said that the Shouhang Energy Conservation Association will set up a special solar thermal project leading group to implement a hierarchical and vertical project manager responsibility system to evaluate the safety, quality, progress, and cost performance of the project department. In terms of project informatization, Shouhang Energy Conservation has established a 5D(3D time cost) project management system based on the characteristics and experience of the project, which provides transparent and visual management on the same platform for project design, project progress, resource allocation, cost budget, project cost, project settlement, fund scheduling, etc.

There are many participants in the construction of a commercial solar thermal power station. In order to ensure the safe and stable progress of the power station construction, timely communication and data sharing among the participants are essential. For this reason, Shouhang Energy Conservation has specially set up a special management module for the participating parties to provide a communication and interactive collaborative management platform for the owners, supervisors, construction units, equipment manufacturers and other related units associated with EPC general contracting, so as to facilitate each member unit to consult all kinds of management results and data in the implementation process of EPC projects in real time.

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Strong technical support

The rapid improvement of the technical capability of Shouhang Energy Saving Company in the field of photothermal power generation is inseparable from its excellent design team and excellent design capability. According to Hui Chao, head of Shouhang's energy-saving technology, Shouhang's energy-saving technology has gradually completed its technical reserve through technical training, technical exchange, project research and development and talent introduction, relying on its mature experience in thermal power generation projects. Since 2006, the company has successively established its first flight research and development center, its first flight Europe, its first flight photothermal subsidiary, its first flight technology department and its first flight Shanghai design institute, and has gradually acquired the design capability of solar thermal power generation projects.

According to Huichao, the Shouhang Technology Center has an independent research and development building, equipped with high-performance computing workstations, professional research and development design software, and has an extreme environment simulation laboratory, a trough/tower/disc photothermal test system, and a concentrator System test bench, tower molten salt heat exchange test bench, etc., which provide strong technical support for the company's technological innovation and technological research. On this basis, Shouhang Energy Conservation attaches importance to accumulating actual project construction experience through the construction of small demonstration projects to improve technical capabilities. In the demonstration verification of the three technologies of trough, tower and dish, the first voyage energy saving has completed the test and demonstration projects.

Referring to the construction purpose of Dunhuang Phase I 10MW project, Huang Wenbo said that the unit was put into operation on December 26, 2016. At present, the unit is operating normally, and the operating parameters and economic indicators meet the design requirements. This unit also undertakes the test tasks of 100MW demonstration unit and even the future tower type photothermal generator unit, and undertakes the test tasks of equipment, system and economic operation. At present, the following experimental work has been completed or is being carried out:

(1) cold, hot, temperature, salt pump interlocking switching experiment.

(2) safe and economic operation of the heat exchanger, heating on the salt, heating after the salt, heliostat manual automatic control, the best choice.

(3) The choice of the best scheme of molten salt heating in complex weather.

(4) Molten salt system, water supply, steam, and other system valve adjustment experiments, as well as the selected several valve safety assessment.

(5) Steam turbine unit cold state, temperature state, hot state, extremely hot state start and stop and with load test.

(6) Simulate the treatment under various accident conditions, such as: some or all mirror adjustment failure in the mirror field, protection of heat absorber by cold and hot salt pump trip, valve switch failure, leakage of molten salt and steam and water pipelines, turning machine failure, etc. It provides reliable experience for the operation of the second phase 100MW photothermal demonstration project.

(7) Test the performance of different equipment and accumulate the operating parameters of different brands of equipment. At present, the equipment performance and data of dozens of equipment manufacturers have been tested.

The construction of the project is to verify the first voyage energy-saving molten salt tower technology, cultivate photothermal design, manufacturing, engineering, operation and maintenance personnel; Accumulate experience in photothermal design, manufacturing, engineering, operation and maintenance; At the same time, it is used to test the performance of different equipment, accumulate the operation parameters of different brands of equipment, train operators, accumulate experience for future projects, and cultivate domestic products.

Technological innovation is the key to significantly reduce the cost of solar thermal power generation.

Judging from the current trend, the electricity price of solar thermal power generation is bound to need to be further reduced in order to have long-term competitiveness. Gao Feng believes that "in the existing technology system, promoting cost reduction can be achieved to a certain extent through large-scale production, but in order to achieve a significant reduction in cost, it still needs to be achieved through major technological innovations, such as improving the condenser system and using higher temperature working media to improve efficiency. While mastering the existing mature technology system, the first flight energy saving also gives continuous investment in the direction of innovative technology."

Huang Wenbo also expressed the same view. He said: "Shouhang Energy Saving is both an owner and an integrator. It strives to use professional people to do professional things. From small bolts to large equipment, every component must undergo strict testing and suppliers. Communicate carefully and repeatedly. If only low-priced products are selected, it is likely to lay hidden dangers or increase operating costs for the next 20 to 30 years of operation. For example, every time the equipment is overhauled and shut down, the power generation will decrease and the cost will increase. At this stage, we mainly consider the safety, reliability and stability of the equipment, and focus on cyclical costs rather than one-time costs. We must ensure that the demonstration project is successful, sustainable, and worthy of promotion."

Figure: Award Ceremony

During the research activities, as a member of the CSPPLAZA platform, Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of Shouhang Energy Saving, accepted the plaque of the member unit issued by Hu Xipeng, editor-in-chief of the CSPPLAZA, on behalf of Shouhang Energy Saving.

From Jiangsu Xinchen Photothermal Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhaoyang Photothermal Technology Co., Ltd., Yuanhe Power Station Co., Ltd., Shenyang Zhongshi Temperature Measurement Instrument Material Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Changsheng Bearing Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiajieneng New Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangtai Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Huafang New Energy High-tech Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Beichen Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Luoding Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Ltd., Jiangsu representatives of member units of many CSPPLAZA, including Group Co., Ltd., Beijing China Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiuli Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Huahou Energy Technology Co., Ltd., participated in this research activity.