Enterprise culture

autonomous simulation

market awareness

Any department within the enterprise should operate close to the market, understand the needs, respond flexibly and respond quickly.

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efficiency consciousness

Enterprise resource allocation, material use, management methods should reflect the principle of reasonable and efficient, people make the best use of their talents and materials.

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talent consciousness

Talent is an important core part to ensure the rapid development of enterprises, respect for talent, attract talent, motivate talent as an important part of the company's development strategy, to establish a stable, excellent, capable management team, technology development team and marketing team, to adapt to the market competition and the company's rapid development needs.

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service consciousness

In the overall process of the company's internal operation, the service object of the upper process is the next process, and the service object of the manager is the subordinate employee. Outside the company, the company serves all users and potential users. Service is a real product for us. It is our basic belief to meet the needs of users in the shortest time and to the greatest extent.

science and technology consciousness

● Science and technology awareness

Attach importance to investment in technology research and development, and establish a technology development system that is led by enterprises and combines "production, learning, research, and use" to ensure that Shouhang Energy Conservation stands at the forefront of technological development.

● Quality awareness

Users are most concerned about "quality", strict quality management, to ensure that to provide customers with high-quality and reliable products and services is the basis of all our work.

● Environmental awareness

Sustainable development should be in harmony with nature and complement each other. From enterprises to products, we will fully demonstrate our pursuit of environmental protection, energy conservation and clean energy.

● Safety awareness

"Safety first" is the touchstone for Shouhang people to do all their work well, and it is the fundamental measure to implement "people-oriented. "Prevention first" is a prerequisite for the first voyage to achieve safety first, and it is also an important means and method. "Hidden dangers are more dangerous than open flames, and prevention is better than disaster relief." The first voyage personnel strictly require effective prevention and control measures in advance, strictly implement safety operation procedures, and implement safety procedures without compromise or change, so as to prevent accidents before they occur. Eliminate in the bud.

Environmental awareness

Cultural Elegance

First flight high-tech actively helps global epidemic prevention and control

The first aviation high-tech enterprises of the first aviation clean energy (Quanzhou) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin first aviation clean energy technology Co., Ltd. for the production of epidemic prevention urgent need materials, the two companies have obtained medical device production license, the relevant mask products to obtain the relevant national certification and export qualification, and included in the three ministries document list.

[First Flight Public Welfare] Love Flows, Love Warms the City of Sheep

Recently, at the bus terminal in Huadu District, Guangzhou, the launching ceremony of a large-scale public welfare activity of "Love Flows, Love Warm Sheep City" 2018 sending the families of left-behind children in rural areas home for the New year was held. Guangzhou is an economically developed area in China, where a large number of migrant workers gather. It is not easy to go home all the year round. Get together with left-behind children and leave more. In the Spring Festival, the most important festival for Chinese people, it is difficult to get a ticket to let migrant workers go home. As a result, left-behind children have become a unique social problem in the process of China's modernization, another obstacle to the construction of a new socialist countryside, seriously affecting the healthy growth of left-behind children, which has caused

How to celebrate the Lantern Festival? The first voyage energy-saving for you to support!

The Lantern Festival, reunion, in this important day, you still don't know how to spend it with your relatives or friends? Then Energy Saving Jun will recommend you, bring your family, make an appointment with three or five friends, and go to the cinema to watch the following today's premiere and shocking film. -"Awesome, My Country" and "Awesome, My Country" are jointly produced by CCTV and China Film Co., Ltd. The main record combines the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and presents the development and achievements of the motherland on the big screen in the form of a documentary for the first time, showing my country's innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing in the past five years.

Keep up the good work! Go forward to the dream!

Intercept, catch the ball, run fast, turn around, take off, clear and crisp into the basket, shoes and shiny floor constantly friction sound, sweat against the lights constantly shining... Close your eyes, do you return to the basketball hall in the afternoon of the youth season: can you dunk? Duck the ball into the basket with the force that almost breaks the ball, that is called dunk, which is the most exciting and the most emotional play for the audience!

The first flight energy saving opens the curtain of reform and strives to achieve the profit target.

Law back to the spring light gradually, Vientiane began to update. Recently, the annual summary and commendation meeting of Shouhang Energy Conservation was held in Beijing. This year's conference, with the theme of "cohesion, reform as victory", opened the curtain of the reform of Shouhang Energy Conservation from a corporate enterprise to a platform enterprise.

Sending Love Mid-Autumn Festival, Bo Bake Fang See Heroes

The Mid-Autumn Festival cake is about happiness, which is a good sign. Most people are willing to believe that the number one scholar in the Mid-Autumn Festival is always very lucky in a year. Of course, this is because people are poured into the cake activity. Emotional sustenance. Therefore, people in southern Fujian always attach great importance to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and even have the saying of "small Spring Festival, big Mid-Autumn Festival.

The first tug-of-war competition

It is more appropriate to describe the next competition as "pulling out the mountain and raising the tripod". Whether it is the hero pulling out the mountain and raising the tripod or the arhat cast in copper, any difficulty in front of the spirit of unity, cooperation and perseverance of the staff of the first flight can only be lamented!

"Happy life, make friends with the ball"-the first flight football friendly match

There is a little prince called "World Cup" in every warm-blooded man's heart, and every World Cup always has a classic that we will never forget-Maradona who 1986 me, Matthaeus who 1990 thunder, Baggio who rides the savior alone, 1998 Chilavert who is in charge, Kahn who 2002 the lion king competing for supremacy, Zidane who 2006 a good player who angered the world, from the handball, we can see that he is at least patriotic (laughter), and what 2014 impresses me is Germany's 7-1 victory over Brazil and the German chariot-our all-round soldier Kuyt is still galloping at the age of 34, whether it is his never-ending flançaise attack against Argentina or his heroic victory over Brazil...

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