The first flight energy saving opens the curtain of reform and strives to achieve the profit target.



Only ambition and ambition, dare to call the first flight for a new look

Law back to the spring light gradually, Vientiane began to update. Recently, the annual summary and commendation meeting of Shouhang Energy Conservation was held in Beijing. This year's conference, with the theme of "cohesion, reform as victory", opened the curtain of the reform of Shouhang Energy Conservation from a corporate enterprise to a platform enterprise. Shouhang Energy Saving Chairman Huang Wenjia, General Manager Gao Feng, Vice Chairman Huang Wenbo, Huang Qingle and other company leaders attended the meeting. More than 200 people including representatives of headquarters departments and molecular companies attended the meeting. Executive Deputy General Manager Bi Chengye presided over the meeting.

General Manager Gao Feng made the company's 2019 annual work report at the meeting. He said in the report that although the company had the first pre-loss since its establishment in 2018, from the perspective of operating cash flow, cash reserves, and asset-liability ratio, The company's financial status is healthy, and after years of business precipitation, the team efficiency has continued to improve, and the professional level has been affirmed.

Starting from 2019, the company will provide market-oriented services to the outside world by injecting brand, basic business volume, capital, talents and other resources into the management or technical team. At the same time, it will independently account and share the income according to the established proportion, so as to change the employment relationship between the original company and employees into the cooperative relationship between the platform and the team, so that everyone has more opportunities to play and develop, and all kinds of new businesses in the future will be promoted according to this mode. Form a business pattern in which listed companies focus on the main business to continue to grow bigger, better and stronger, auxiliary business and new business to help develop, extend and broaden the profit channels of enterprises, and promote a new round of development of enterprises with institutional innovation.

Executives give awards to outstanding people

Vice Chairman Huang Wenbo read out the company's commendation decision, and on behalf of the company's board of directors and the company's management, he thanked all employees for their hard work in the past year, and wished everyone a good harvest in the new year! Vice Chairman Huang Qingle presided over the commendation session and awarded more than 10 team awards and individual awards to elite teams such as R & D Center and Technology Department and outstanding employees such as Li Jie. Liu Yang, the winner of "Outstanding Cadres", delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of outstanding cadres, while Li Jie, the winner of the "Model Workers Award", said through the conference, "We will continue to work hard in the new year and wish the first voyage better and better!"

Chairman and representative sign Target Responsibility Letter

Under the witness of all the participants, Chairman Huang Wenjia signed the 2019 target responsibility statement with the heads of 16 subsidiaries and the company department managers on behalf of the company, and made a concluding speech.

Huang Wenjia said that the past year or two has been a difficult year for entrepreneurs to respond. This is also a test for enterprises in the process of the country's new momentum conversion, and it is also a good opportunity for enterprises to build a new round of development advantages. Huang Wenjia further analyzed that the main business directions of Shouhang Energy Conservation are the development directions encouraged by the state, and the financial situation is good. The company's asset-liability ratio is less than 20%, of which interest-bearing liabilities are 0.38 billion billion, and the book cash is more than 2 billion. Including so many outstanding talents here, these are the most core intangible assets, so the company should do more in the future. The reform of the company's development into a platform-based enterprise has been brewing for a long time. It is a strategic decision made by the first airline's energy-saving management decision-making team to actively adapt to the market situation. In the near future, it is necessary to realize the market-oriented utilization of redundant resources and the rapid industrialization of new businesses. Incubation to enhance the profitability of the enterprise, in the long run, it will achieve greater success with all the first airline.

Shouhang Energy Saving Team Confident in Achieving Profit Target

Subsequently, the conference entered the dinner session. Chairman Huang Wenjia led the senior management team and the heads of the responsible units to propose a toast. The personnel of the responsible units expressed their confidence in achieving the annual goals. Liu Fuguo, executive deputy general manager of Dunhuang New Energy Company, said that after nearly two months of commissioning, we are confident, determined and capable of achieving the annual power generation target of Dunhuang Phase II project. Chen Shuangta, executive deputy general manager of Shouhang Xituo Group, said that this year Xituo's major projects under construction have entered the final stage and will soon be put into operation. The main business of waste heat power generation will enter the full harvest period, it has also obtained electricity sales qualifications in 12 provinces in China. Xituo Group can not only fully reverse losses, but also ensure the completion of the annual net profit target; Hao Zhiqiang, general manager of the newly established air cooling renovation division, said that it will focus on customers. Fully tap the customer resources of the company's more than 100 power plants, more than 200 air cooling units and the small air cooling market, and are confident to complete the 2019 revenue and net profit targets.

Talented, passionate

The first flight participants showed their strengths and brought a wonderful audio-visual feast to everyone. A passionate and gorgeous song kicked off the party: "Big Sedan", "Hongyan", "Crossing the Ocean to see you", "Chengdu", which runs through interactive games, lottery, and leadership Songs, etc., the climax is repeated, dizzying.

Drumming to urge, striving to sail, everyone is full of confidence, in the laughter, started a new journey!