[First Flight Public Welfare] Love Flows, Love Warms the City of Sheep


Recently, at the bus terminal in Huadu District, Guangzhou, the launching ceremony of a large-scale public welfare activity of "Love Flows, Love Warm Sheep City" 2018 sending the families of left-behind children in rural areas home for the New year was held.

Guangzhou is an economically developed area in China, where a large number of migrant workers gather. It is not easy to go home all the year round. Get together with left-behind children and leave more. In the Spring Festival, the most important festival for Chinese people, it is difficult to get a ticket to let migrant workers go home. As a result, the left-behind children have become a unique social problem in the process of China's modernization and another obstacle to the construction of a new socialist countryside. It has seriously affected the healthy growth of the left-behind children and has aroused the strong concern of the whole society.