Sending Love Mid-Autumn Festival, Bo Bake Fang See Heroes


The Mid-Autumn Festival cake is about happiness, which is a good sign. Most people are willing to believe that the number one scholar in the Mid-Autumn Festival is always very lucky in a year. Of course, this is because people are poured into the cake activity. Emotional sustenance. Therefore, people in southern Fujian always attach great importance to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and even have the saying of "small Spring Festival, big Mid-Autumn Festival.

At first, I always thought that the "Bo" of Bo Pie should be "Bo", which means fighting. Later, when I looked up the dictionary, I knew that the word "Bo" had its own reason. In ancient times, "Bo" was a kind of chess play, and later it generally refers to gambling. Of course, up to now, Bo Pie no longer has the meaning of gambling, but has become a reserved program for people's Mid-Autumn Festival parties. When the dice fall in the big porcelain bowl, it makes a clear and crisp sound, when the laughter floats out of people's hearts, and the fundus of each eye is filled with happy smiles, the feeling of happiness is always very warm.

To say it, I really want to thank Mr. Huang Wenjia, chairman of the board of directors of Minnan people, for bringing this custom to the first voyage to Beijing. Colleagues who have participated in this activity will be moved by this custom with a strong festive color. Can't help but like this interesting and participatory activity.

On the afternoon of September 29, the first flight of energy-saving Mid-Autumn Festival cake will open with great enthusiasm!In order to thank the staff of the first flight and the compatriots of light and heat for their long-term hard work, all brothers and sisters and the leaders of the first flight are specially invited to participate in the cake banquet and win a good year together!