During the 19th National Congress, the first voyage of energy-saving photothermal power generation project under the lens of CCTV and local media




Awesome, my country! Awesome, my light and heat! Great, my maiden voyage is energy-saving!

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's strength has aroused the warm response and pride of the Chinese people. China is full of hope, sailing on the great journey of the future. During the 19th National Congress, the first flight energy saving was also reported by CCTV and local media.

Beijing Shouhang Ai Qiwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002665). Shouhang Energy Conservation takes "clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection" as its business development strategy, and is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance of solar thermal power generation, waste heat power station, power station air cooling, seawater desalination, and clean heating. A high-tech enterprise.

The first flight energy-saving company with both tower molten salt and trough heat transfer oil photothermal power generation technologies, of which Dunhuang Phase I 10MW tower molten salt photothermal power station was successfully connected to the grid on December 26, 2016, becoming the world's third Asian first photothermal power station to realize 24-hour continuous power generation. Dunhuang Phase II 100MW tower molten salt project is expected to generate power by the end of August 2018. The commissioning of the 50MW trough solar thermal power station of Guanghe Guanghe is expected to be completed by the first voyage energy conservation project.

China News Network-Inventory of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing" since the 18th National Congress"

Photo: exterior view of the first energy-saving Dunhuang 10MW tower molten salt solar thermal power station on December 9, 2016 (photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Yanmin)

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has adhered to the primary principle of "innovation is the first driving force for development", and has increased policy support and investment in scientific and technological research and development and the introduction, utilization and training of talents, and gathered to promote the "blowout" of scientific and technological achievements. "The majestic power. Mozi "message", Shenzhou flying, Chang'e moon landing, "sky eye" sounding, Beidou network ...... China's science and technology in the past five years to achieve a full range of breakthroughs, major cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation technology development with each passing day. "China Standard" and "China Intelligent Manufacturing" are moving towards the forefront of international market competition. On December 26, 2016, the world's third and Asia's first molten salt tower-type photovoltaic power station that can achieve 24-hour continuous power generation was connected to the grid in Dunhuang, Gansu. The power station uses 100 percent of solar energy, and the initial annual power generation can meet the needs of 30000 households without polluting the environment.

CCTV "brilliant China"-green home


The first voyage of energy-saving Dunhuang Guangthermal Power Station was published in the TV documentary "Brilliant China" jointly produced by the Central Propaganda Department and CCTV-Green Home!

Figure: The first voyage energy-saving Dunhuang 10MW tower molten salt photothermal project under the lens of "Brilliant China"

At present, the country is actively promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption in China, fulfilling international carbon emission reduction commitments, and the government and competent departments have adopted a series of policy guidance and formed market forces to promote the rapid development and application of renewable energy technologies.

Solar energy storage thermal power generation technology can be directly equipped with low-cost and large-capacity heat storage devices, with high energy storage efficiency and strong peak shaving capacity, which can consume excess capacity such as steel and glass, and generate green electric energy with basically zero pollution. This has also become an important factor for the continuous development of the photothermal industry, which is also a fundamental for Shouhang Energy Saving to continuously adhere to the development of photothermal power plants.

As a part of Shouhang Energy Conservation, it will also actively respond to the country's commitment to green development and provide a steady stream of green energy for the country's sustainable development.

CCTV "Super Engineering 3"

Following CCTV's "Brilliant China" program reporting on the first flight's energy-saving Dunhuang Tower Photothermal Project, the first commercial trough-type photothermal power station in China, which won the 630000-square-meter Sun Island EPC contract and provided core technical equipment, was registered in nine sets of CCTV's "Super Project 3" documentary.

On April 6, 2016, Shouhang Energy Saving won the 0.566 billion order for the EPC general contractor of the 50MW trough solar thermal power generation project of CGNPC Delingha, becoming the only company in China that has both solar thermal power generation tower and trough performance. The project is a loan project of ADB. It strictly implements the international bidding procedures, in accordance with the management standards of nuclear power general contracting and in strict accordance with the management requirements of CGN. According to the requirements of the project, Shouhang Energy Conservation has carried out comprehensive and detailed optimization on the basis of the original project management system, and established a complete set of EPC management standards for solar thermal power generation projects to ensure project quality, construction safety and project progress. Shouhang Energy Saving has built a standardized production workshop on the project site, with efficient production lines and strict testing lines. The construction and management experience of the project has further improved the technical strength of Shouhang's energy-saving and project general contracting capabilities.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has just concluded, but the first flight energy conservation will "not forget the original intention" and continue to adhere to the company concept of "making the sky blue, the ground green, the air clean, the water clear and the people harmonious", and continue to adhere to the green innovation and development.

Come on, my country! Come on, my light and heat! Come on, my maiden voyage energy-saving!