Based on the international, leading the future-the first voyage energy saving won the "2017 China new energy international leader"




On June 6, 2017, the 9th China International New Energy Expo and Energy Storage and Multi-Energy Complementary Summit Forum hosted by China New Energy Overseas Development Alliance was held at the China International Expo Center in Beijing. Beijing Shouhang Energy Saving Aiqiwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shouhang Energy Saving"), with its comprehensive strength and layout and expansion in overseas markets, has been successfully selected as the first batch of "China New Energy International leaders". The only enterprise selected in the solar thermal power generation industry.

Photo: Group photo of international front-runner award-winning units

Photo: Yao Zhihao, energy-saving representative of Shouhang and general manager of Photothermal Company, received the award.

The selection activity of "2017 China's New Energy International Leader and Quality Supplier" has received guidance and support from the National Energy Administration and other competent authorities. It aims to promote Chinese advanced companies overseas through the Leader Program and high-quality suppliers. The awards are scored against the evaluation criteria and selected in order from high to low in accordance with the procedures formulated by the organizer, such as the evaluation process, enterprise application materials, and strict evaluation at the expert evaluation meeting. "China's new energy international leader" has set a series of application conditions, which must be nominated for Chinese new energy enterprises that have new energy investment projects overseas, EPC performance of overseas new energy projects or independent new energy technology research and development centers overseas. In the end, a total of 15 companies were selected into the list of the first batch of China's new energy international leaders. According to industry categories, they involved wind power, photovoltaics, photothermal and other new energy professional technology companies and comprehensive energy companies.

Figure: The first flight energy saving won the honor of "China's new energy international leader"

With the help of the national "One Belt One Road" strategy, the first flight energy conservation ushered in more international opportunities and actively deployed the international market. Shouhang Energy Conservation has set up an overseas R & D center and Shouhang Europe Company in Spain since 2013, absorbing overseas photothermal power generation technology and talents to enhance international R & D and design capabilities; Shouhang Europe has a top technical team in Spain, with more than 10 years of experience in process design and operation optimization of photothermal power plants, and the total installed capacity of the projects it has participated in is more than 1GW, the scope of service includes the design and optimization of various subsystems in photothermal technology.

Figure: DEWA project renderings

Recently, Shouhang Energy Conservation participated in the bidding for the first phase of the 200MW tower solar thermal power generation project of Mohammad Bin Rashid AI Maktoum Solar Park to be developed by Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (Dewa). In the bidding plan, Shouhang Energy Saving played a variety of roles, not only participating in 15% of the project's investment, but also being a technology provider, project EPC and operation and maintenance leader with independent intellectual property rights, becoming the first enterprise in China to participate in the bidding for the development right of international photothermal project as a technology provider of photothermal power station with independent intellectual property rights.