Construction Progress of 100MW Photothermal Power Station in Dunhuang




Chart: Huang Wenbo, Vice Chairman of Shouhang, introduces the construction progress of Dunhuang 100MW power station

Shouhang's energy-saving photothermal power generation business has gone through three stages so far: 2006-2009 is the learning and strategic positioning stage; 2010-2013 is the R & D and test stage; 2014-present is the stage of commercial project development and industrial scale.

The first 100MW molten salt tower type photothermal power station in Dunhuang consists of 10000 multi-faceted heliostats surrounding a 260-meter-high heat absorption tower, an 11-hour heat storage system, a 100MW power generation system and auxiliary systems, with an investment of 3 billion RMB.

Figure: Effect Diagram of the First Sailing Dunhuang 100MW Photothermal Power Station

The design of the power station began in 2014, the foundation was laid on November 9, 2015, and the full construction phase was entered in November 2016.

In the front area of the factory: the civil works of the office area and living area have been capped and are under renovation. It is planned to be put into use in August 2017, which will further improve the on-site construction and office environment and is conducive to the progress of the project construction.

In terms of light-gathering and heat-absorbing system: by June 10 this year, the height of the heat-absorbing tower of Dunhuang 100MW project has exceeded 100 meters. it is planned to complete the capping of civil works by the end of August and enter the hoisting stage of steel structure, top platform of heat absorber, thermal protection plate, etc. it is planned to complete the installation of heat absorber on March 15, 2018.

The heliostat foundation construction started in early May, and it is planned to complete the pouring of all heliostat foundations in late September. The installation of heliostats can be started in September, and it is planned to complete the installation of all heliostats in early May 2018.

In terms of heat storage and heat exchange system, the foundation of the storage tank has already started construction, and the installation work is expected to start on July 5 this year, and the chemical salt is planned to be completed on July 15, 2018;

In terms of power generation system, it is planned that the steam turbine will arrive in March 2018 and the cylinder buckle of the steam turbine will be completed on June 20, 2018. Before the end of June 2018, complete the pressure test and cleaning of the thermal system, and complete the thermal system blowpipe on July 25, 2018. Grid-connected power generation is expected in August 2018.

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