Strong alliance, discuss, build and share the development of photothermal resources.




Recently, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on the development of 500MW solar thermal resources in Delingha was held in Delingha Municipal People's government. Delingha Mayor Li Chunsheng, Deputy Mayor Zhang Xuechuang, China Nuclear Shandong Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Nuclear Energy") General Manager Gu Yingbin, Beijing Shouhang Aiqiwei Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shouhang Energy Conservation") Vice Chairman and Deputy General Manager Huang Wenbo and other government and business leaders, Delingha Management Committee, relevant government departments, and representatives of contracted enterprises attended the signing ceremony.

It is reported that the cooperation agreement on the development of 500MW solar thermal resources in Delingha City was jointly signed by Delingha City Government, China Nuclear Energy and the first voyage energy conservation, which will give full play to Delingha's advantages in solar thermal resources, planning first and industrial agglomeration; shouhang's energy-saving advanced photothermal power station technology integration capabilities, mature complete sets of equipment manufacturing capabilities and rich photothermal power station construction experience and other advantages, jointly promote the development of 500MW photothermal resources, involving a total investment of 15 billion yuan. Delingha municipal government will provide corresponding support and guarantee for the construction of CSP project, create good conditions for the smooth progress of project B, and assist the project to obtain various preferential policies from governments and departments at all levels such as the state, Qinghai Province and Haixi Prefecture. After the project has the conditions to carry out the preliminary work, China Nuclear Energy and Shouhang Energy will set up a project company in Delingha City. The project company will be controlled by China Nuclear Energy and Shouhang Energy will participate in the shares. The project company is responsible for organizing the construction, operation and management of photothermal power generation projects, paying taxes to the local area in accordance with the law, strictly implementing national policies and relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the National Energy Administration for photothermal demonstration projects, Shouhang Energy Conservation will provide the project Technical integration services.

At the signing ceremony, the three parties also held a discussion on the policies and trends of the development of the photothermal industry, their respective situations, development ideas and cooperation ideas.

During the signing period, the representatives of both parties conducted field investigations and surveys, and expressed satisfaction with the local resources and investment environment. At the same time, the signing representatives went to other photothermal power stations for field investigations and investigations.