First flight energy-saving official WeChat officially launched




In order to make better use of the modern information platform, let more customers understand and understand the first flight energy saving, and provide a better service platform for the majority of followers, on May 5, 2015, the official wechat platform of the first flight energy saving was officially launched, and the name of the wechat public number was "the first flight energy saving".

As a public platform to show the energy-saving style and product technology of the first flight, the WeChat platform of "first flight energy-saving" mainly includes a series of sections and contents such as product introduction, project cases, product research and development, first flight information, staff style, subordinate enterprises, company announcements, etc.

The establishment of the first flight energy-saving WeChat platform is a full embodiment of the first flight energy-saving information management. We will strive to provide users and followers with product, technology and service information, show the energy-saving technology and product achievements of Shouhang from multiple angles, and show the cultural spirit of "energy-oriented" in Shouhang energy-saving.

WeChat users can add by scanning the following two-dimensional code, or they can subscribe through personal micro-signal search "first flight energy saving. Shouhang Energy Saving thanks friends from all walks of life for their attention and support. I hope you can continue to pay attention to Shouhang Energy Saving. We will provide you with higher quality products and services.