Huang Wenbo, Deputy General Manager of Shouhang Energy Conservation, Won the 2015 Tianjin Model




On the morning of April 29, 2015, a collective meeting to celebrate the "May 1st" International Labor Day and commend model workers and models was held in the Tianjin Auditorium. Huang Wenbo, deputy general manager of our company, was awarded the honorary title of Tianjin model worker in 2015. At the commendation meeting, Huang Xingguo, acting secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, attended and delivered a speech, highly praising the advanced deeds of the vast number of model workers. these model workers fully embody the spirit of the times of emancipating the mind and keeping pace with the times, the courage to strive for first-class, dare to try, seek truth and be pragmatic, the noble sentiment of being indifferent to fame and fortune and selfless dedication. Secretary Huang Xingguo advocated learning from model workers so that the spirit of model workers and the spirit of labor can be carried forward.

In recent years, deputy general manager Huang Wenbo of our company has led various energy-saving teams of Shouhang, constantly adhering to the corporate philosophy of "making the sky blue, the ground green, the air clean, the water clear, and the people harmonious" and the cultural purpose of "Shouhang energy-saving and energy-oriented". Actively promote product research and development and market development, combine market demand, fully interpret and apply the important idea of "energy, that is, to tap the employee's ability of" talent, skill and potential "and the social energy of" energy saving, clean energy and efficiency "in production management. The combination of talent and market, employees and society, man and nature has effectively improved the company's overall performance and made great contributions to the company's stable development.

The first voyage people will take this as an example, stick to it and make continuous progress. In the new era, we will strive to be a qualified and honorable worker with wisdom, technology, invention and innovation.