The company successfully passed the "three standard" system review review




From April 20 to 23, 2015, a group of 4 experts from Xingyuan Certification Center conducted a comprehensive, serious and detailed review on the compliance, effectiveness and continuous improvement of our quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system. After a four-day on-site review, the expert group announced at the last meeting held in Tianjin Branch on the 23rd that our company had successfully passed the re-evaluation review of the "three standards" management system. The three standards system continues to be effective and can be renewed.

The audit covers the air cooling system and seawater desalination system of the company's power station, covering all departments and focusing on the Baodi production base of Tianjin Branch. At the last meeting, the audit team fully affirmed and highly appraised the company's system operation and production site management, and put forward suggestions for the follow-up improvement and perfection of the three-standard system.

The company requires all departments to conscientiously implement the opinions and suggestions put forward by the audit team, and will take this audit opportunity to strengthen the comprehensive implementation and use of standards, make deeper breakthroughs in management work, continue to improve, and strive to bring the company's management system to a new level.