Chairman Huang Wenjia Attends the Launching Meeting of 2015 National Chi Fair




On May 8, the 2015 Chongqing Volunteer Service Exchange Conference and the 2nd China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition Launching Work Conference was held in Beijing. Comrade Wang Hongyan, Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League Central Committee and Director of the National Organizing Committee of the Competition; Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Disabled Persons' Federation, China Volunteer Service Federation, China Youth Volunteers Association, China Youth Entrepreneurs Association, China Social Workers Federation and other host units responsible comrades at the department and bureau level; responsible comrades of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, corps, national railways, national civil aviation, central government agencies, central state agencies, central finance, and central enterprise youth league committees, responsible comrades of volunteer work agencies; representatives of various special committees of the China Youth Volunteers Association and social welfare About 150 people including organization representatives and central media representatives attended the meeting. Huang Wenjia, vice president of China Young Entrepreneurs Association and chairman of Shouhang Energy Conservation, attended the meeting and participated in investment mobilization and press conference interviews.

Before this meeting, Huang Wenjia and his family donated 8 million yuan to the China Youth Volunteers Association in the honor of energy saving on the first flight, and will be targeted for the organization and development of outstanding public welfare service projects for young volunteers across the country. Huang Wenjia said in the interview that compared with the previous situation of only donating and paying less attention to the development of activities, the volunteer fair and the youth volunteer service project god model first let donors know what to do, how to do it, and the amount of money needed, so that donors can donate money to projects that they think are more meaningful and effective, so that donors can better fulfill their social responsibilities. He also hopes that at the Chongqing Volunteer Fair held this year, more good young volunteer charity projects will emerge, so that donations can be more effective, help more people, and let more young volunteers grow up. He also expressed the hope that there will be a suitable youth volunteer service project at this year's Chongqing Volunteer Fair, which will enable Shouhang Energy Saving to change the previous donation model of only paying but not contributing, and give Shouhang Energy Saving the opportunity to organize corporate employees to participate in voluntary service activities. Through the activities, the pride of corporate employees and the company's own reputation are enhanced, and the positive energy of youth is injected into the company to achieve a win-win situation. Huang Wenjia also said that he will continue to invest in public welfare undertakings as always.

It is reported that the Zhihui Fair aims to create a national voluntary service exchange and cooperation platform that integrates display and exchange, support for the grassroots, resource integration, and cooperation and sharing, to achieve a strong alliance, form the best joint force and greatest influence of voluntary service, and innovate voluntary service Platform construction and mechanism construction. Yang Song, director of the Youth Volunteer Work Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, said that through the competition, a national competition mechanism and system for voluntary service projects will be gradually established, and the Communist Youth League and youth volunteer associations at all levels will be promoted to organize the establishment of a voluntary service project database and undertake government purchases of public service projects., Absorb and incubate public welfare service youth social organizations, integrate and connect various social resources, and continue to promote the standardized construction of city and county youth volunteer associations. Wang Hongyan, secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, emphasized at the meeting that it is necessary to deeply grasp the new situation and new tasks faced by the young volunteer work in the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, adhere to the goal of deepening, seek breakthroughs through innovation, and use the system as a guarantee. Promote the work in an orderly manner; and require youth volunteer service work to adapt to the "new normal" of the Communist Youth League work, enhance the sense of opportunity, responsibility and reform and innovation, continuously improve the ability and level of youth volunteer work.