Stick to sharpen one sword and forge ahead for a new year.




March 27 is a special day for the first flight. On March 27, 2012, Shouhang Hi-Tech was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange by ringing the bell. The 10th anniversary of the listing of Shouhang Hi-Tech and the annual summary meeting were held in Beijing. The theme of this annual meeting is "stick to the sword and forge ahead for a new year. Summarize the development process and experience of the 10th anniversary of listing from 2012 to 2022; 2023 is the first year of the new decade of the first high-tech endeavor. Whether it is air cooling, light and heat or energy storage, it has ushered in new opportunities and challenges. The first high-tech people of the first high-tech industry are united, strengthen research and development, strengthen management, meet opportunities and challenges together, fly in the wind together, and share a better tomorrow.


Liang Juan, Director of Shouhang Hi-Tech, Gao Tiaoyu, Independent Director, Huang Wenbo, Chairman of Shouhang Hi-Tech, Huang Wenjia, General Manager, Huang Qingle, Vice Chairman and Deputy General Manager, Wang Jian, Chief Financial Officer, Chen Shuangta, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and General Manager of Xituo Energy, Hui Chao, General Manager of Shouhang Light and Heat Company, Bi Chengye, General Manager of Enterprise Development and Overseas Division, Gao Feng, Engineering, Yang Rui, han Yupo, general manager of the production and manufacturing division, Zhang Baoyuan, deputy general manager and secretary of the board of directors, and other leaders attended the meeting. Relevant persons in charge of each subsidiary and some employees attended the meeting.



General Manager Huang Wenjia made a speech


At the meeting, General Manager Huang Wenjia summarized the capital market and policy level of Shouhang Gaoke's experience of more than ten years.





Shouhang Gaoke mainly focuses on the power station air cooling market, and has achieved good results in power station air cooling, seawater desalination and photothermal projects.




Corporate capital markets are subject to significant volatility due to objective policy and epidemic environmental factors. The sharp reduction of air cooling performance and the gap period of photothermal policy made the company's expected project fail to start, which greatly affected the company's performance and investor confidence.




The cold winter has passed, and the market space where Shouhang Gaoke is located is not what it used to be.


With the release of the Notice of the State Council on Issuing the Carbon Peak Plan by 2030, we are inphotothermal energy storage,Thermal power flexibility transformationand traditionalpower station air coolingIn all areas, there will be great opportunities.



1. According to the national "14th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development", by 2030, the total installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic in China will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts. For the access of such a large-scale new energy, the pressure of power grid consumption can be imagined. The power system urgently needs large-scale energy storage to solve the problem of new energy consumption, so as to improve the security and stability of the power system and energy system. According to the International Energy Agency's forecast to reach 118GW installed capacity by 2050, the trillion-level market for solar-thermal power generation has just started.



2. According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Bureau issued the "National Coal Power Unit Transformation and Upgrade Implementation Plan", the 14th Five-Year Thermal Power Flexibility Transformation Market Size of about 200GW. In the various technical routes of flexible transformation, molten salt heat storage relies onenergy storageLarge capacity,Long service life,Small footprint,High security,Low cost of heat storage,Environment friendly,Wide scope of applicationand many other features and advantages, will occupy an important position.


3. The Blue Book on the Development of New Power Systems (Draft for Comments) issued by the National Energy Administration in January this year makes it clear that the installed capacity and power generation of coal and electricity will continue to grow moderately in 2030, and that future coal and electricity construction will mainly focus on large-scale new energy bases, main load centers and important nodes of the power grid. In August 2022, the policy level proposed that 80 million kilowatts of coal-fired power projects will be started each year in 2022-2023, and 80 million kilowatts of coal-fired power units will be guaranteed in 2024. In September last year, the National Development and Reform Commission held a coal supply guarantee meeting, proposing that 0.165 billion kilowatts of thermal power will be started in 2022-2023, and the investment in the air cooling system of the corresponding power station is nearly 20 billion yuan. The vast majority of these new projects are million kilowatt units, and Shouhang Gaoke was the first to undertake the construction in China.The world's largest air cooling unit million kilowatts thermal power air cooling projectand keep the presentExtremely high market share of thermal power air cooling in million kilowatt units.


Chairman Huang Wenbo spoke


Chairman Huang Wenbo from the enterprise development and business market also conducted a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis.



Huang Wenbo said: in a flash of ten years, in this decade of ups and downs and full of uncertainty, a group of like-minded first voyage people stick to the original intention of the enterprise and sharpen their swords with the spirit of craftsmanship for ten years.


1. Air cooling of power station


After ten years of persistence and building, we have polished the old sword of power station air cooling: the company has not only realized direct air cooling from small to large, but also expanded from direct air cooling to indirect air cooling, and realizedHighest one gigawatt market share; Up to now, the performance of the first aviation high-tech air cooling system unit covers the direct air cooling, indirect air cooling and auxiliary air cooling systems of 1000MW to 10MW units, and the products have been sold to Britain, South Korea, Australia and other countries. Users cover all major domestic power generation groups. The company continues to drive cost reduction and efficiency through R & D optimization, effectively responding to the new changes in the market.70000MW, annual water saving1.5 billion tons, is equivalent60 million populationAnnual domestic water consumption has produced better economic and social benefits and has become a leading enterprise in the industry.


2. Photothermal power station


After ten years of persistence and building, Shouhang Gaoke has sharpened the sword of the photothermal power station: it has realized the photothermal power station from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. From the earliest basic research to the establishment of various small and pilot systems to carry out a series of topics and tests, to the bulk manufacturing of core equipment and the construction and operation of commercial-grade power stations, the constructionresearch and development,Equipment manufacturing,Project Construction,Operations ManagementAfter three years of development of commercial photothermal power generation technology, we took the lead in completing the development of commercial photothermal power generation technology in China.Construction of the first large-scale molten salt tower solar-thermal power station and trough solar-thermal power stationThe extraordinary years, but also experienced the enterprise start-up when the expected investment is not in place, the photothermal power generation industry policy cut-off period and other more difficult stages. With the light and heat sword grinding and national strength, solar thermal power generation will blossom and bear fruit all over the world. Where light and heat are abundant, magnificent light and heat towers will rise.



3. Desalination


After ten years of persistence and building, the first voyage high-tech has become a new sword of seawater desalination: in August 2019, the 2# machine of Indonesia Java 7 2 × 4000 tons/day seawater desalination project designed and supplied by the company completed commissioning and smoothly discharged water. Indonesia's Java 7 desalination project is the first sea water desalination project of Shouhang Gaoke, and it is also the first sea water desalination project.Undertake "the belt and road initiative" Overseas Projects, the construction cycle is tight, the requirements are high, the project implementation process has experienced a thousand difficulties. The first voyage people work together to deliver the equipment to the owner on schedule. After commissioning, the equipment is in excellent running condition and has been well received by the owners.


4. Supercritical carbon dioxide power generation system


After ten years of persistence and construction, Shouhang High Tech has also grinded out the super sword of supercritical carbon dioxide power generation system: the company and the No.74 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. signed the Contract for Turbine Generator Set, Auxiliary Equipment and Commissioning Service for the Construction Project of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle Power Generation System Development (Phase I), which indicates that the company's supercritical carbon dioxide related research and development achievements have been recognized by the target customers, in the next generation of hot technology has taken the lead in the country. Supercritical carbon dioxide power generation technology in additionsmall volume,High efficiency,Light weight,Start and stop fastBesides, it also hasNo watercharacteristics, and moreSuitable for desert water shortage areaThe application of solar thermal power generation is an ideal choice for the future, but also for the company to develop solar thermal projects in Africa is of great significance.


chairman huang wenbo pointed out:


(1) Shouhang High-Tech Tianjin Branch is the processing and manufacturing center of the whole group. Optimizing production scheduling, ensuring quality, and strengthening production safety are its top priorities.


(2) Xituo Energy Company is a leading enterprise in waste heat power generation in China. It needs to focus on its main business and cost control, and strive to achieve the annual profit target.


(3) Dunhuang Photothermal New Energy Company is the "Huangpu Military Academy" for the training of talents in the photothermal industry of the whole group. In 2023, while doing a good job in production and power station operation, it will increase the talent reserve, strengthen the on-site management of the power plant, and build an industry benchmark power plant with "first-class operation efficiency and first-class on-site management.


(4) In terms of technology, Shouhang Photothermal Branch, R & D Center and Technology Department have played a vital role. Forming technical support, assisting in technological transformation, and completing technological research and development and innovation are key steps in the development of Shouhang technology.


2023 is a crucial year for the company. The first flight high-tech departments should be based on positioning, give full play to their own advantages, and effectivelyCompletion of production and operation tasks,Improve the operation and management level of the whole group,Strengthen the assessment incentive,enhance enterprise competitiveness!


Assessment target signing ceremony


In the conference, some front-line departments and molecular companies signed a letter of responsibility for assessment objectives. Bi Chengye, general manager of enterprise development and overseas business department, said that "the letter of responsibility starts fromFinancial Indicators,competitive ability,management benefitanddevelopment capacityThe four dimensions are fully implemented, strict assessment, and strengthened incentives, so as to stimulate employees' sense of responsibility, mobilize work enthusiasm and initiative. The signing ceremony of the letter of responsibility is only a display, and the most important thing is to require all units and departments to really improve their management level and projects, so that Shouhang High-Tech will gradually become a world-class company not only in technology, but also in management.





Flag Ceremony


Later, Vice Chairman Huang Qingle also expressed his concern about the upcoming construction.Three Gorges Golmud,Guotou Ruoqiang,Hami North, XinjiangThe flag-awarding ceremony of the project department was held for the three photothermal EPC general contracting projects, which boosted morale and sounded the clarion call for the photothermal business of our company.



Along the way, Shouhang High Tech has experienced ups and downs, ups and downs, difficulties and growth along the way, which is inseparable from the strong support and help of employees, partners, shareholders and people from all walks of life. At the beginning of the new decade, Shouhang High Tech will continue to maintain its original intention and shoulder heavy responsibilities. Let's work together to face the east wind of policy, set sail again with its head held high, and develop together with the first voyage. I believe that the first voyage will burst out its torrent-like strength and open the next bright decade with a leading attitude.