The technology of molten salt heat storage device in the first high-tech 100MW tower solar thermal power station has won many honors.




A few days ago, the 18th China Renewable Energy Academic Conference organized by the China Renewable Energy Society was held in Nanjing. The theme of the conference is "Green Energy Innovation Leading. In the conference, the list of science and technology awards was released and awarded.The first high-tech "100MW tower type thermal power station molten salt heat storage device technology" was selected for the third prize of science and technology award.




Prior to this, the first high-tech "100MW tower type solar thermal power station molten salt heat storage device technology" also won the 2022 "kechuang China" series listPilot Technology Award(Green and low-carbon areas).



The molten salt heat storage system is one of the core equipment of the tower-type molten salt solar thermal power station. The molten salt heat storage system can solve the intermittent problem of solar high-temperature thermal power generation and realize the continuous thermal power generation of solar energy.Adjustablecharacteristics.



The working principle of molten salt heat storage system mainly includes heat storage process and heat release process. The working principle of the heat storage process is that when the sunshine is sufficient, the hot melt salt that flows through the heat absorber to heat up enters the hot salt tank, and the solar energy is converted into heat energy and stored in the hot salt tank. The working principle of the heat release process is that at night and when the sunshine is insufficient, the hot molten salt in the hot salt tank flows through the heat exchange system (steam generation system) to cool down and then enters the cold salt tank.



This technical achievement relies on Dunhuang 100MW molten salt tower type photothermal power generation project. The power station was completed and generated in 2018. It is the first of the first batch of photothermal demonstration projects in the country to be put into operation. It is also the first 100MW molten salt tower type photothermal power station in China. It is also one of the only two 100MW molten salt tower type photothermal power stations currently in operation in the world. The molten salt heat storage system of Dunhuang 100MW molten salt tower solar thermal power generation project is the molten salt heat storage system with the largest single heat storage capacity among the projects under construction and put into operation.




The molten salt heat storage system of this project is independently developed and designed by Shouhang Gaoke, with the following innovations:


1. Technological innovation


In the absence of relevant design standards, the finite element technology and three-dimensional simulation method are used to design the storage tank, and the welding seam of the storage tank is tested for non-destructive testing to ensure the quality of the welding seam.



2. Design innovation


In order to avoid the foundation failure caused by the change of ceramsite gradation of storage tank foundation, a new design method of layered metal mesh in the insulation layer of storage tank foundation is proposed.



3. Structural innovation


The design method of preventing the heat dissipation of the tank body and adapting to the thermal expansion is proposed, and the heat insulation maintenance platform of the storage tank is developed to meet the functions of heat preservation and safety protection. At the same time, in order to reduce the vibration amplitude of the long-axis molten salt pump in operation, the design scheme of the molten salt pump bracket combined with the shear wall and the steel structure is proposed.


4. Process innovation


Aiming at the damage fault of MI heat tracing cable in similar projects, a pipeline anti-condensation heat tracing system using electric heating wire, magnesium oxide insulation and metal armored composite heating element is designed, and a salt design scheme combining solar energy and natural gas is proposed, which significantly reduces the use of natural gas.


Liquid molten salt can not onlyCollect energy, it's OKstore large amounts of energyThe existence of a large-scale molten salt heat storage system makes the tower molten salt photothermal power generation completely separated from the energy fluctuation of nature, and is not affected by the external weather. Even after the sun sets, it can still generate electricity as stably as thermal power units, which is also achieved by photothermal power.24 hoursuninterrupted power generation, which can bePhotovoltaic,Wind powerOther renewable energy sources suchPeak shaving serviceThe roots.



Shouhang Hi-Tech can provide cost-effective solutions for promoting the establishment of a wind and solar thermal integrated renewable energy power generation base with complementary regulation of solar thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation and wind power, and actively respond to the national goal of 'carbon peak, carbon neutrality. Leading the innovation and development of clean energy and low-carbon environmental protection.