Liu Qifa, Deputy Secretary of Dulan County Party Committee, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, and his party visited Shouhang Gaoke




On April 23, Liu Qifa, deputy secretary of the Dulan County Party Committee and county magistrate of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, visited Shouhang High-Tech, and Huang Wenbo, chairman of Shouhang High-Tech, participated in the meeting and reception. The parties arePromoting Dulan New Energy Project CooperationIn-depth discussions and exchanges were held on such topics.


Zhaxicailang, county investment promotion commissioner in Beijing, Wang Mingshan, deputy director of the county people's congress, Mo Longgang, member of the party group of Dulan county development and reform and industry and information bureau and director of the county supply and marketing association, Bi Chengye, executive deputy general manager of Shouhang high tech, Chen Shuangta, chairman of Xinjiang Shouhang energy group, Li Yueyang, vice chairman of Xinjiang Shouhang energy group, and Lu Wei, business manager, attended the forum.



At the forum, Huang Wenbo, chairman of Shouhang high tech, first extended a warm welcome to Liu Qifa, deputy secretary of Dulan County Party committee and county magistrate, and introduced in detail the current enterprise situation, business layout and enterprise advantages of Shouhang high techFocus on the current performance results and characteristic advantages of Shouhang Gaoke in the field of solar thermal energy storage multi-energy complementary business.made to share.


Liu Qifa, deputy secretary of the Dulan County Party Committee and county magistrate, affirmed and praised Shouhang Hi-Tech's continuous efforts and innovations in the field of new energy technology over the years and its current industry achievements. Liu Qifa introduced Dulan County's unique geographical location, cultural history and rich local solar and wind energy resources. He hoped that Shouhang Hi-Tech could give full play to its own advantages and combine Dulan County's rich resources to help Dulan County's energy structure adjustment and industrial green transformation. He also warmly welcomed Shouhang Hi-Tech to invest in Dulan County.



Finally, Huang Wenbo also said that in the current process of green transformation of the national energy structure, solar thermal energy storage multi-energy complementarity will also become an indispensable part of the energy transformation. As an energy company that continues to adhere to the development strategy of "clean energy and low-carbon environmental protection", Shouhang High-Tech willActively promote close cooperation with Dulan County,Propose practical and effective energy solutionsCase,Vigorously boost the energy development of Dulan County,Building a New Power System with New Energy as the Main BodyInject more power and vitality.