The first flagship store of the first high-tech clean heating is located in Lanzhou-bringing a new experience of one-stop clean energy service.




Shouhang Gaoke Clean Heating Flagship Store




Recently, Yingge Yan dance, flowers like brocade, sunny, Shouhang high-tech energy technology co., ltd Lanzhou cityClean Heating Flagship StoreA grand opening ceremony was held! In front of the gongs and drums, a lively, festive scene, has become the focus of attention of the city. At the opening ceremony, relevant leaders of the Clean Heating Division of Shouhang Hi-Tech Group gathered with invited guests and friends from all walks of life, and hundreds of people witnessed the glorious moment.


Inside the flagship store, crowded,air source heat pump,Solar Energy,Hot air blower,Wisdom PlatformWaitClean Heating ProductsAll available, all-round display of heating, cooling, hot water, electricity, energy storage and other new energy utilization solutions, causing extensive discussion among invited guests. The opening of the flagship store marks the birth of a new business and service model for the Group's clean heating business, and has entered a new stage of development as a one-stop integrated service provider for clean energy.



Clean heating business, after decades of development, professional services in the field of civil clean heating, formed from.Technical Design,Construction,OperationOne-stop service, and starting in 2020, has successively implemented a number of government-purchased solar energy and air-source coal-to-electricity projects in Yuzhong County, Lanzhou, Gansu, and Yongchang County, Jinchang City, to provide heating and cooling for several well-known enterprises in Lanzhou City The comprehensive solution has been well received by customers from all walks of life. The opening of Lanzhou flagship store provides customers with a more convenient and intuitive new energy experience, and is an important strategic deployment to actively expand the market.



Address: Building 30, Area A, Longkou Hardware Market, North Caochang Street, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City