First Airlines High-tech with new products unveiled in Gansu HVAC exhibition, layout clean heating future market




The key tasks of the plan issued by the Gansu Provincial People's Government on May 11 mentioned: "Continue to advanceClean and efficient heating in winterandCogeneration central heating, accelerateLarge-scale application of industrial waste heat heating, implement according to local conditionsHeat pump,biomass energy,Geothermal energy,Solar EnergyWaitClean low carbon heating.


The 14th Five-Year Plan has clearly defined the development direction of green buildings. China strives to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, and unswervingly follows the high-quality development path of ecological priority, green and low carbon. Ensuring full access for urban and rural residents"Clean heating, low carbon life"Times, firm implementation"coal to electricity,Coal to gas"Engineering.


From June 16 to 18, 2023, the "Gansu (Lanzhou) HVAC Exhibition" was held at the Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center! Shouhang Hi-Tech Clean Heating Division, with newly developed products, mature technologies and advanced clean energy solutions, should be invited to participate in the exhibition.




This clean heating division showed more than 10 solar heating and hot water equipment under the company's banner, and more than 30 types of air energy heat pumps, including the newly launched "Shouhang No.1" and desert series air source heating and refrigeration integrated machines, which can meet the requirements of civil heating, refrigeration, hot water, constant temperature of agricultural greenhouses, grain drying, industrial application equipment, etc. Among them, the air source heat pump achieves the highest water temperature of 70 ℃-90 ℃.




The pipeline emptying technology of solar electric auxiliary heating system independently developed by Shouhang Gaoke not only solves the problem of waste energy of solar winter freezing pipe and conventional system anti-freezing electric heat tracing, but also reduces the problem of pipe explosion of solar heating system.



The first high-tech solar air source heating system has been successfully applied in Lanzhou and other regions, its heating cost.SavingsReach30%.


The first flight of the exhibition also showed a variety of cleaning and heating solutions, attracting government leaders at all levels, enterprises and institutions, etc. to stop and exchange. During the period, a large number of potential customers were discovered, which laid a solid foundation for the first company to enter the western clean heating market.




Shouhang Gaoke Clean Heating Division

From investment to technology, Shouhang High-tech Clean Heating Division can provide comprehensive operation and management services. Its product business covers air source heat pump, hot air blower, hot water storage tank, solar street lamp, energy storage, battery, photovoltaic module, solar water heater and solar engineering module and other new energy engineering design, construction contracting, labor service contracting and other services. Provide customers with one-stop solutions for integrated energy systems to fully meet the needs of clean hot water, heating, cooling, thermal energy, and power generation involved in civil, commercial, and industrial applications.