The Sun Island EPC project led by the first flight-CGNPC Delingha 50MW Photothermal Demonstration Power Station has reached a new high in one day!




According to the latest data of the 50MW trough-type photothermal power generation demonstration project of China General Nuclear Power Delingha, on July 8, 2023, the unit's single-day on-grid power exceeded the 1 million kilowatt-hour mark for the first time, reaching 1.02 million kilowatt-hours.


CGNPC Delingha 50MW Photothermal Demonstration Project is the first large-scale commercial project in China to be put into operation,The project is headed by a consortium led by Shouhang as the Sun Island EPC general contractor., a grid-connected power generation on June 30, 2018.




Project Overview

The 50MW photothermal power generation demonstration project site of CGN Delingha is 3000 meters above sea level and has an extreme low temperature of -30 ℃. It is the world's first high-cold and high-latitude trough photothermal power station and the first photothermal project to start construction and grid-connected power generation among the first batch of "photothermal demonstration projects" in the country. The project covers an area of 2.46 square kilometers, adopts parabolic trough heat transfer oil solar thermal power generation technology, builds 190 trough standard circuits, has a mirror field heat collection area of 621300 square meters, and is equipped with a binary nitrate molten salt energy storage system (heat storage capacity reaches 1300MWth).



Since the project was put into operation, it has received strong support and help from the Northwest Supervision Bureau of the State Energy Administration, Qinghai Provincial Energy Bureau, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company and other units in the digestion of imported key technologies, tackling key technological problems, verification of power grid friendliness and daily operation. It can save 60000 tons of standard coal every year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 100000 tons, which is equivalent to 4200 mu of afforestation, with significant environmental benefits.



This is the construction phase.


Photo from: CGN New Energy



Shouhang High Tech will continue to make unremitting efforts to give full play to its comprehensive advantages in photothermal power generation technology, engineering and operation, so as to ensure that all photothermal projects are completed with high quality and quickly reach production, and make them play their due role in the new energy base, so as to win more space for the sustained and healthy development of the photothermal power generation industry.

Part of the article is from China Guanghe New Energy Holdings Limited