The first high-tech Dunhuang project was awarded the "energy science education base"




From November 10 to 11, the 2020 China Energy Research Institute with the theme of "low-carbon transformation, intelligent development and diversified integration"The annual academic conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The purpose of the meeting is to further implement the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation" during the 14th five-year Plan period, and promote the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

Du Xiangwan, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Yi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of Tsinghua University and director of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration, Wang Guofa, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of China Coal Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd., Guo Jianbo, deputy chief engineer of the State Grid Co., Ltd., Zou Cai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Hongbin, deputy general manager of Petrochemical Corporation, xia Wenbo, chief digital transformation officer of Huawei's global energy industry, and other experts and scholars attended the conference and delivered keynote speeches. Shi Yubo, executive vice chairman of the China Energy Research Association, supported the opening ceremony of the conference. Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of Shouhang High Tech, attended the conference as a base representative participating in the award ceremony.



At the opening ceremony of the conference, six excellent energy science education bases in 2020 were commended, and six new energy science education bases were awarded.After strict evaluation, the Dunhuang project of Shouhang High-tech was named "Dunhuang Shouhang Energy Science Popularization Education Base" by China Energy Research Association to carry out energy science popularization education demonstration. The demonstration period is from 2020 to 2024. Vice Chairman Huang Wenbo accepted the award on behalf of the project.

In order to implement the Law of the people's Republic of China on Popularization of Science and Technology and the outline of the Action Plan for Scientific Literacy of the whole people, strengthen the infrastructure construction of energy science popularization, enhance the public service capacity of science popularization, and attract more public to the science popularization base, the China Energy Research Association has formulated the measures for the Management of Energy Science Popularization Education Base, and requires all "energy science popularization education bases" to excavate and utilize science popularization education resources in the energy industry;Accept the work arrangement of the research society and implement the science popularization work plan of the research society;Combining the focus of the science popularization work of the research society, giving full play to the advantages of the base, organizing and carrying out science popularization education activities with clear themes and various forms;Guarantee the time and number of people to open the popular science base to the public.All "energy science popularization education bases" should constantly innovate the ways of science popularization, improve the service ability of science popularization, play the leading and exemplary role of science popularization bases in the whole country, and comprehensively promote the socialization of energy science popularization work and the massesto contribute to improving the scientific literacy of energy for the whole people and enhancing the public awareness of the energy industry.



Vice Chairman Huang Wenbo said that the Shouhang Dunhuang Guangthermal Power Station will fully demonstrate new energy technology and give it to every student to better understand new energy technology, better promote new energy, popularize new energy, and better realize my country's international commitments and goals on carbon emission peaks and carbon neutrality.


(Contribution from Shouhang High-tech Office, part of which comes from China Energy Research Association)