Shouhang Gaoke won the first prize of technology innovation of China Renewable Energy Society




Recently,Shouhang Hi-Tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize in the category of technological innovation at the 2020 China Renewable Energy Society Science and Technology Award Review Meeting for the 100MW tower solar thermal power plant heat absorber technologyThe award was presented at the 2020 China Renewable Energy Conference. A total of 71 projects participated in the application of the Science and Technology Award this time, involving wind energy, biomass energy, solar energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage, renewable energy power generation and other fields. After qualification review, expert review and After half a month of publicity, a total of 7 projects won the first prize, 9 projects won the second prize, and 16 projects won the third prize.



For tower type photothermal power generation technology, the heat absorber is the core equipment, which plays an important role in absorbing solar thermal energy, and its safe and efficient operation directly affects the stability of the whole photothermal power generation system. It is known as the "heart" of tower type photothermal power station ".Because of its normal working conditions exposed to the natural environment, the material should not only have high temperature resistance, but also have the characteristics of low cycle thermal fatigue resistance, molten salt corrosion resistance, etc., the overall structure design requirements are high, and the technical difficulties are large.Through the application of the technical achievements of the molten salt heat absorber based on the Dunhuang project, there are the following innovations:

1) Technological innovation, developed the first 100MW molten salt tower solar thermal power generation project heat absorber system technology.

Before the completion of Dunhuang 100MW molten salt tower solar thermal power station, there was no use case of 100MW heat absorber in China. The main core technology of heat absorber was basically mastered by the United States, Spain and other countries that started the research on heat absorber earlier. The heat absorber of this project is independently developed, designed and manufactured by the technical team of Shouhang Gaoke. It is the first 100MW molten salt heat absorber put into operation in China. Its normal operation proves that the 100MW molten salt tower type photothermal power generation heat absorber system technology developed by Shouhang is feasible.

2) Design process innovation, forming the core process design package of heat absorber for 100MW power station.

After years of exploration and practice, Shouhang has mastered all the technologies of design, production, installation and commissioning of a full set of heat absorbers, established a complete technical system, and formed the core process design package of heat absorbers for 100MW power stations. It mainly includes: heat absorber thermal load calculation program, heat absorber thermal hydraulic program, heat absorber efficiency calculation program, accident safety calculation program, infrared monitoring program, etc.

3) Material innovation, due to the requirements of the working conditions of the heat absorber, the materials used in the heat absorber need to have high temperature resistance, high temperature fatigue and other characteristics, and a new high-temperature alloy SHBG-2 has been developed.

SHBG-2 nickel-based material is a new type of nickel-based material developed by Baosteel Special Steel and Shouhang Hi-Tech, which broke through the bottleneck of the formulation, smelting and manufacturing process of the heat absorber superalloy material. After inspection, the microstructure, high-temperature mechanical properties, high-temperature molten salt corrosion performance of the material all meet the requirements of users, and some of the performance indicators exceed the level of similar foreign products, forming a full-process manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights.



4) The manufacturing process is innovative. The heat absorber header adopts a self-developed production process, and the header has superior fatigue resistance.

The difficulties in the manufacturing process of the heat absorber are mainly the production process of the header and the welding process of the thin-walled metal tube. After continuous exploration and testing, the new production process of header pipe was broken through, and the heat absorber header with excellent fatigue resistance was obtained, and the appropriate welding scheme of heat absorber pipe was determined.

5) Structural innovation, the heat absorber and its ancillary equipment, pipeline support structure adopts a reasonable layout, to meet the requirements of the support conditions, saving weight..

The weight of the equipment and steel structure above the 212-meter transfer floor platform in this project is only more than 1400 tons, which is far less than the load of more than 2000 tons in other projects.

6) The system layout is innovative. Two molten salt regulating valves are installed in the descending pipeline of the heat absorber to ensure that the molten salt in the descending pipeline is full flow during operation.

In addition, an orifice plate is installed in the drop pipe to eliminate the gravitational potential energy generated by the drop of molten salt, prevent the drop pipe from vibrating and "cavitation" of the valve, and ensure the smooth operation of the system.


This is also the first time that Shouhang Gaoke has won heavyweight technical and academic awards in the field of photothermal power generation. It also means that with the successful implementation and stable operation of multiple photothermal projects, relevant technological achievements are being formed and entering the harvest stage, which is of great significance for enterprises to build technical barriers and forge core competitiveness.