The first flight energy-saving response to the Belt and Road, the practice of global energy interconnection green development.


Source: Shouhang Energy Conservation International Marketing Department

Author: The first flight energy saving

On the evening of April 25, 2019,On the occasion of the Belt and Road Summit Forum in Beijing,Mr. Huang Qingle, vice chairman of the first flight energy conservation, was invited to attend the global energy Internet docking "the belt and road initiative" achievement conference., Chairman Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, Mr. Liu Zhenmin, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Mr. Zhao Yinong, Deputy Director of the Electric Power Department of the National Energy Administration, made keynote speeches.The cooperation organization has signed six cooperation agreements with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, UNESCO, the GCC Power Grid Authority and the Ministry of Energy of Ethiopia.



As a member of the Global Energy Internet Cooperation Organization, Shouhang Energy Conservation actively responds to the call of the national Belt and Road Initiative and makes a modest contribution to the construction of global energy connectivity.During the press conference, Vice Chairman Huang Qingle, Ms. Fekita Moelola Catoa Utoikamanu of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Settlements, and Ms. Maimuna Sharif, Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, introduced the new renewable energy solution of solar thermal power generation. Ms. Sharif is very interested in this technology. Electric energy is vital to underdeveloped areas of the world and is a necessary condition for human habitation, this kind of clean and renewable energy is very in line with the concept of sustainable development of the United Nations. When seeing the introduction of the energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW project on the first voyage, Ms. fekita moelola katoa utoikamanu said that she must go to the site for field investigation when she goes to China next time.In the conversation with Mr. Bedda, Director of Infrastructure and Energy of the African Union, and Mr. Bekley, Minister of Energy of Ethiopia, the other side was very optimistic about the application of photothermal power generation technology to the vast African land, and hoped that the first flight energy conservation would participate in the cooperation of the Belt and Road Initiative as soon as possible, complete the project landing in Africa as soon as possible, and invited the first flight energy conservation to inspect Ethiopia, vice Chairman Huang Qingle also sincerely invited them to the first flight energy-saving headquarters and Dunhuang 100MW project site field research.



At the same time, Vice Chairman Huang Qingle also accepted an interview with China-Arab Satellite TV. He said that the Global Energy Internet is a pioneer in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative's global energy cooperation. In order to better solve the problem of electricity consumption by people all over the world, our first voyage energy saving is also In response to the call of the Global Energy Internet, we are building large-scale solar thermal power stations in places with good solar lighting conditions in western China.A stable renewable energy power station that can operate continuously for 24 hours. At present, we have also built the largest solar thermal power station in Asia. The smooth operation of this power station also indicates that the technology of China's solar thermal enterprises represented by the first voyage energy conservation has matured. It can assume more responsibilities in the Belt and Road Initiative project, so that more people can use cleaner energy and solve the supply of clean energy in the Middle East and Africa, practice the common development of global energy interconnection.