The first flight energy-saving layout of the African thermal market, to help the Belt and Road green development.


Source: Shouhang Energy Conservation International Marketing Department

Author: The first flight energy saving

On April 27, 2019, during the Belt and Road Summit, Mr. Huang Wenjia, Chairman of Shouhang Energy Conservation, had an in-depth exchange with His Excellency Raila Odinga, former Prime Minister of Kenya and High Representative for Infrastructure Development of the African Union, on the development of solar thermal power generation in African countries.



Mr. Odinga listened in detail to the development process of the first voyage energy conservation in solar thermal power generation and the future planning of the African market. He affirmed the achievements of the first voyage energy conservation and recognized the promotion of the concept of "solar thermal" in Africa. He said that solar thermal power generation is a clean, controllable and very stable renewable energy solution, and it is a technical route suitable for Africa's natural and social conditions, it can be called a renewable energy solution tailored specifically for the African continent. Based on photothermal power generation, matching seawater desalination, wastewater treatment and other technologies, it can solve the problems of electricity and domestic water in most parts of Africa., Especially for mining and large-scale ore deep processing areas,In line with the AU and global energy interconnectionThe "electricity-mining-metallurgy-industry-trade" linkage development model proposed by the network is a good demonstration application of the Belt and Road.His Excellency Odinga hopes that the first voyage of energy conservation can be implemented in Africa as soon as possible.At the same time, Chairman Huang Wenjia also sincerely invited Mr. Odinga to visit the largest solar thermal power generation project in Asia-the first voyage energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW solar thermal power generation demonstration power station to investigate and guide the work.



In addition, Bi Chengye, executive deputy general manager of Shouhang Energy Conservation, and others received the visiting regional integration of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) at the company's headquarters. Mr. Symerre Grey-Johnson, head of infrastructure and trade department, and Ms. S Chiriga, Jennifer of partnership consultant in CEO's office, and her party.The two sides had a friendly and in-depth conversation on the current energy situation in Africa, future development plans, and how to promote the application of solar thermal technology in Africa.


Adhering to the purpose of creating a beautiful earth with blue sky, green ground, clean air, clear water and people, Shouhang Energy Saving is committed to promoting sustainable and green low-carbon development, will speed up the layout of overseas markets, and assume more responsibilities under the call of "Belt and Road Initiative". Let more people use stable clean and renewable energy.