The first flight energy saving to obtain the "pressure pipe design license"


Source: The first flight energy saving


Recently, our company successfully passed the review of the China Machinery Industry Federation and obtained the Pressure Pipe Design License.The certificate is valid until April 15, 2023.



Since January 15, 2019, the evaluation team of China Machinery Industry Federation has been entrusted by the State Administration of market supervision and administration to evaluate the design qualification of our pressure pipeline. The review panel reviewed the company's design site, standard specifications, hardware and software equipment conditions, quality assurance system establishment and operation, trial design,The integrity of drawings and technical documents, professional examination and defense of designers, etc., were reviewed in a comprehensive, detailed and serious manner.


With the cooperation of the technology department and other relevant departments and the strong support of the company's leaders, the company obtained the "special equipment (pressure pipeline) design license" approved by the special equipment licensing office of the State Administration of market supervision and administration on April 16, 2019. The certificate level is GC1(3) and GD1, the certificate category is industrial pipeline, and the certificate number is TS1810919-2023.


The acquisition of this certificate has further improved the company's core competitiveness in related fields. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the relevant personnel, relevant departments and leaders at all levels who have worked hard for the acquisition of the certificate!At the same time, for the company to obtain the pressure pipe design license to express warm congratulations!The first flight energy-saving employees will also continue to work hard in the future, continue to maintain the effective operation of the pressure pipeline design quality assurance system, and continue to make greater progress!