First voyage energy-saving 100 MW class solar thermal power station full load power generation!


Source: Dunhuang Shouhang Energy-saving New Energy Company

Author: The first flight energy saving

After nearly 50 days of continuous dusty and rainy weather from May to June, Dunhuang finally ushered in a long-lost sunny day. On the night of June 16,Invested by Beijing Shouhang Aiqiwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.Dunhuang's first voyage energy-saving 100 MW National Photothermal Demonstration Power Station has achieved full-load power generation.. By the time of publication, the power station has achieved a breakthrough of 1.8 million degrees of continuous power generation day and night under summer conditions, and all indicators have reached the design value.



The operation record shows that the molten salt temperature at the outlet of the heat absorber reaches 565 ℃;The main steam temperature and pressure are 539.59 ℃/13.2MPa respectively, the maximum output power of the steam turbine generator unit reaches 100.8MW, all main indexes are better than the design values, and the sub-systems such as condensing, heat absorption, heat storage, heat exchange and power generation operate normally and stably;


This is another important milestone after the power station achieved 1.67 million degrees of continuous power generation for 34 hours day and night under spring conditions for the first time from 07:43 on April 15 to 01:53 on April 17.So far, the first 100 MW molten salt tower type photothermal power station in Dunhuang has been started in winter, and the unit operates day and night under spring and summer conditions, and realizes full-load power generation, which indicates that the first flight energy-saving company has fully mastered the core design technology, key equipment manufacturing technology and debugging, operation and maintenance technology for the construction of large-scale molten salt tower type photothermal power station.In order to further optimize the new energy structure of Gansu Province, effectively solve the problems of wind power and photovoltaic power generation peak regulation and new energy power generation delivery, it has a positive demonstration and leading role in the development of new energy industry in Gansu and even the whole country;It has also accumulated strong technical reserves for the first voyage energy saving based on domestic and moving towards the international new energy market.



The first energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW tower molten salt solar thermal power station was connected to the grid on December 28, 2018, with an installed capacity of 100MW and an 11-hour molten salt heat storage system. The mirror field covers an area of about 1.4 million square meters. It is currently the largest solar thermal power station in China and even in Asia. Its designed annual power generation capacity is 0.39 billion kWh, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350000 tons per year.The power station is independently designed, invested and constructed by Shouhang Energy Saving Company, with 100% independent intellectual property rights.