CCTV: Modern Civilization on "the belt and road initiative"-Dunhuang's First Sailing "Intelligent Sunflower"




In April, Beijing ushered in the second "the belt and road initiative" International Cooperation Summit Forum. The first flight of energy-saving "Intelligent Sunflower" (Dunhuang first flight molten salt tower-type photothermal power station) once again received a special report from CCTV, lighting up the belt and road initiative's modern civilization.

Watch the video (please fast forward to 3 minutes and 42 seconds to watch the majestic posture of the first voyage energy-saving photothermal power station):

Dunhuang not only has a rich cultural heritage, but also abundant solar and thermal resources. China's first 100 MW solar and thermal power station is located here. The dazzling building behind me is the tallest heat absorption tower in the world. Its biggest feature is that it can stably supply power 24 hours a day, generate 0.39 billion degrees of electricity every year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350000 tons, save 130000 tons of coal, and reduce dust emissions by 100000 tons. It is known as the intelligent sunflower in the desert Gobi. The Belt and Road countries are full of sunshine, and Dunhuang's light and heat technology has a good demonstration effect, which will help the Belt and Road energy sector to become a new business card for China.