Shenzhen Satellite TV: "Desert Green Dream"-The Green Pornography in the Light and Heat Tower


Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV

Author: The first flight energy saving

Mention Dunhuang, peopleoftenWhat I think of is the vast Gobi Desert, the bleak beauty of "the desert is solitary smoke straight, the long river is setting the sun round", and it is the desolation and lack of grass that "the poor desert birds do not fly. Today's Dunhuang has a heavy millennium culture, a black technology of future energy, and a green dream in the desert.

The sky is full of yellow sand. It is on this endless and desperate Gobi Desert. In 2014, a group of people with lofty ideals came here for the first time. They explored here,Fighting with the sand here, fighting with the wind,Here with their wisdom, five years, built two shining light and heat tower.

What is the impact of these two thermal towers on the local ecology? WhyIn the eyes of others, "talking about sand color change" has become a tough "gold in the sand"?Shenzhen TV's "Desert Green Dream" will take you to the green porn in the light and heat tower.