[Air Cooling] Congratulations on the successful trial operation of Unit #4 in Phase II of Shaanxi Fugu Qingshuichuan Coal and Electricity Integration Project in 168 hours


Source: Shouhang Energy-saving Marketing Department

Author: The first flight energy saving

At 20:19 on March 14, 2019, Unit #4, Phase II of Shaanxi Fugu Qingshuichuan Coal-Electricity Integration Project Power Plant, which provided the air-cooled island system by the first flight energy-saving, was successfully put into trial operation in 168 hours.

according to our understanding,During the 168-hour full-load commissioning of the unit, the main equipment such as boilers, turbines, generators and their ancillary equipment.The equipment operation is safe and stable, the electrical protection input rate, thermal control protection input rate, automation input rate, instrument input rate and environmental protection equipment input rate have reached 100, desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal environmental protection facilities to achieve synchronous trial operation, smoke, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other major environmental indicators are better than ultra-low emission standards, we have achieved "nine successes" in boiler water pressure, DCS power supply, turbine buckle cover, auxiliary power supply, boiler pickling, boiler ignition, turbine flushing, unit grid connection and 168-hour trial operation, and achieved the construction goal of "safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced indicators, economic and efficient.



This project is the first direct air-cooled million unit to pass the 168-hour test for energy saving of the first flight, marking that the first flight energy saving has become the only company in China that has both direct air-cooled and indirect air-cooled million unit performance that has been put into operation.Shouhang Energy Saving will, as always, serve our customers with exquisite design and high-quality products, and practice the company's concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and green development.