Shouhang Energy Saving Peak General Manager Attends the 9th China Focus Conference on Photothermal Power Generation


Source: CSPFocus

Author: The first flight energy saving

From March 21 to 22, 2019, the 9th China Focus Conference on Solar Thermal Power Generation was held at the Hilton Hotel in Beijing. Nearly 300 leaders and guests from the CSP industry from more than ten countries including China, Spain, and the United States were all present. In China's first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects have been completed and put into operation, as well as the follow-up power station centralized construction and preparation, to witness and discuss the development plan of China's solar thermal power generation industry. Gao Feng, general manager of Shouhang Energy Saving, attended the conference and made a special report on "Sharing Experience in the Construction of Shouhang Energy Saving Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Tower Photothermal Power Station Project.

In the report, General Manager Gao Feng reviewed the construction process of Dunhuang 100MW project, introduced the operation situation and main work since the project was put into operation, and compared the two projects of Dunhuang 10MW and 100MW. He said that due to the much larger volume of Sun Island, the 100MW project needs to realize many more difficult requirements in terms of core component accuracy, control strategy and cleaning strategy, behind it needs more capacity support to complete, from 10MW to 100MW is not a simple change, but a qualitative leap. In the report, General Manager Gao Feng also elaborated on some thoughts on the cost reduction of photothermal power generation technology. He analyzed from the aspects of scale, technological progress and management improvement, and believed that photothermal power generation technology has great cost reduction in multiple dimensions. Space is not only a stable and adjustable power generation technology, but also has sufficient economic competitiveness.