Shouhang Energy Saving Won Excellent Enterprise of Investment Promotion in Gansu Province


Source: Tianzhi Water Network

Author: The first flight energy saving

Recently, Gansu province investment and long business conference was held in Tianshui, Gansu. Lin Duo, Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, Tang Renjian, Deputy Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Governor, and leaders of Gansu Province Ouyang Jian, Song Liang, Wang Jiayi, Wang Xiyu, Hao Yuan, and Wang Rui attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Lin Duo pointed out in his speech that Gansu has a special location, special provincial conditions, special stages, special tasks, and special requirements. It contains huge development potential and faces multiple superimposed opportunities. In recent years, we have taken the promotion of high-quality development as the central task, actively built an innovation-driven development highland in the western region, made every effort to seize the biggest opportunity of the "Belt and Road", and comprehensively promoted the work of making up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and improving quality. New progress and results have been made in various undertakings in the province. Facing the future, we will further increase investment promotion, earnestly respect the dominant position of enterprises in the market, treat investors as our own people, treat investors' affairs as our own affairs, and continue to optimize the policy environment, the rule of law environment, and the government environment to maximize convenience Enterprises do things, do things, and accomplish things, so that all kinds of enterprises can invest and start businesses in Gansu in a comfortable, secure, and satisfactory manner, and promote Gansu's economic and social development to a new level.

When presiding over the meeting, Tang Renjian emphasized that attracting investment is a major strategy, an urgent need for Gansu's development, and a key to enriching the people and prospering Gansu. It must be placed in a more prominent position and work together to open up a new situation in work. Attracting investment is a big chess game, and we must seamlessly connect the external opportunities with the needs of Gansu. It is necessary to highlight the investment promotion of the industrial chain, focus on the ten major ecological industries, keep a close eye on cutting-edge technologies, leading enterprises and leading figures, expand the industrial chain and promote the development of clusters; attract investment around the commanding heights, strengthen project support, and do a deep and solid job of seizing the five commanding heights.

Before the meeting, Tang Renjian, Ouyang Jian and other provincial leaders met with representatives of investment promotion enterprises and Longshang, and observed the key investment promotion projects under construction in Tianshui City with the representatives.

Huang Wenbo, Vice Chairman of Shouhang Energy Conservation, received the award on behalf of the enterprise.

The Gansu Province Investment Promotion Conference and Longshang Conference gathered many influential domestic entrepreneurs such as Phoenix Satellite TV Chairman Liu Changle and Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin, as well as more than 100 Longshang Chamber of Commerce. The meeting also commended outstanding enterprises and representatives of outstanding chambers of commerce in attracting investment. As the only award-winning unit in Jiuquan, Shouhang Energy Saving, Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of Shouhang Energy Saving, attended the meeting on behalf of the company and accepted awards. At the time of awarding the award, Secretary Lin Duo congratulated Shouhang on winning the award of energy conservation, and placed high hopes on the technology of Shouhang Dunhuang Photothermal Power Station. He also specially introduced the shocking scenes and advanced technology of Dunhuang Shouhang Photothermal Power Generation to the delegates and guests!

Gansu not only has a long history and rich culture, but also has rich light resources, especially the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative and the implementation of national photothermal demonstration projects. Gansu has changed from a remote province in China to an important node of China's reform and opening up and a province with the largest number of photothermal demonstration projects. Therefore, investing in photothermal power stations in Gansu is to seize the historical opportunity of "Belt and Road Initiative" and photothermal policy dividends, it will bring broad space for the development of photothermal industry and enterprise development.