[Visit] Ten thousand-faced heliostat was erected to warmly welcome the visit of officers and soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army


Source: Dunhuang Shouhang Energy-saving New Energy Company

Author: The first flight energy saving

On the afternoon of March 15, 2019, officers and soldiers of a certain unit of the Chinese People's Liberation Army visited the Dunhuang Shouhang Energy-saving Photothermal Power Station, accompanied by Liu Fuguo, general manager of Dunhuang New Energy Company.

Liu Fuguo extended a warm welcome to them on behalf of Shouhang Energy Conservation and introduced the basic situation of the power station: The 100MW power station is China's first 100-megawatt solar-thermal power station, which can generate 0.39 billion-degree stable clean electricity a year. The heat absorption tower is 260 meters high and is currently the world's highest molten salt heat absorption tower. The project covers an area of nearly 8 square kilometers and uses 12000 large heliostats, each with 115 square meters, which automatically tracks the sun like sunflowers and reflects the sunlight to the heat absorber at the top of the heat absorption tower. The heat absorber absorbs the reflected heat, raises the molten salt at 300 degrees in the heat storage tank to 565 degrees, and can exchange heat with water steam day and night continuously, generating high temperature and high pressure, and driving the steam turbine to generate electricity. The power station can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350000 tons per year, save 130000 tons of standard coal, and reduce dust emissions by 100000 tons. It can also reduce the direct sunlight of more than 140 million square meters on the ground, reduce desert evaporation, and reduce wind speed, thereby preventing part of the soil. The further desertification is equivalent to planting about 10000 acres of forest, taking into account environmental protection and economic effects.

After that, the PLA officers and soldiers watched the promotional video of the first 100MW national photothermal demonstration power station in Dunhuang Phase II of the energy-saving voyage, and visited the 100MW power station by car. Some of them actively and enthusiastically asked some questions about the power station, while others praised the power station for its magnificent momentum. Finally, the visit ended in a pleasant exchange between the two sides.

The first flight energy-saving Dunhuang Phase I and II project is also an internship base issued by the Gansu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. Currently, it is preparing to build a sightseeing tower and actively promote the declaration of AAA-level scenic spots to welcome more domestic and foreign tourists with brand-new intelligent photothermal power generation technology!