[Hotspot] Photothermal Power Generation Two Sessions Proposals Lead to Hot Discussion in Industry




Recently, the ''Proposal on Further Increasing the Support for Photothermal Power Generation'' submitted by the All-Union New Energy Chamber of Commerce to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce has been widely forwarded among photothermal practitioners and has aroused heated discussions. Most practitioners said that the proposal represents The voice of the industry hopes to get the support of relevant departments.

It is reported that the relevant proposal work was initiated by the Photothermal Professional Committee of the All-Union New Energy Chamber of Commerce, drafted with the participation of the first flight energy conservation, and discussed in the local government and departments, authoritative organizations in the industry, the first batch of demonstration project development enterprises, and enterprises engaged in the industry for the Dunhuang Joint Photothermal Project.

The full text of the proposal reads as follows:

The amount of solar energy exploitable resources in China is huge, and the development of its utilization technology is the key to increase the proportion of renewable energy consumption. Photothermal power generation is the most stable and economical renewable energy source at present. Through its own large-scale heat storage system, it can solve the intermittent problem of traditional renewable energy, realize 24-hour stable and continuous power generation, support peak regulation and frequency regulation for the power grid, greatly improve the transmission capacity of the power grid, and effectively solve the long-standing problem of "abandoning wind and light. The simultaneous development of wind power and photovoltaic thermal storage has become a new trend, which will promote the further rapid, sustained and healthy development of renewable energy in China and promote the smooth transformation of China's energy structure. The photothermal power generation industry can effectively promote the consumption, transformation and upgrading of excess capacity such as glass, steel and conventional thermal power industry technology and equipment in China, and can provide strong industrial chain support for the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy. In 2018, when the first batch of demonstration projects were completed, about 30 billion yuan of equipment and service output has been obtained in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Photothermal power generation will quickly become the same national business card as "high-speed rail. Generally speaking, the healthy and sustainable development of the CSP industry is of great significance for promoting the transformation of China's energy structure, ensuring the security of energy strategy, improving the ecological environment, promoting economic and social development and the implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy.

In September 2016, the National Energy Administration launched the first batch of 20 photothermal power generation demonstration projects, and the National Development and Reform Commission formulated a clear demonstration electricity price of 1.15 yuan/kWh. In the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Solar Energy Development" issued in December of that year, it was clear The development goal of building a 5 million-kilowatt solar thermal power generation installation in 2020 has started the industrial demonstration process of photothermal power generation in my country. Judging from the current situation, the entire industrial chain of photothermal power generation in my country has been formed, and related companies have been experienced and upgraded in the participation of actual projects. Some demonstration projects have been completed successively, making my country enter the ranks of countries with large-scale photothermal power stations. The construction of large-scale projects has also injected vitality into the economy and society of the project location and promoted the development of related industries.

However, while the solar thermal power generation industry has made progress, it is also faced with some urgent problems such as unsustainable follow-up projects and financing difficulties after the completion of project construction. Photothermal power generation is a new energy power generation technology suitable for large-scale grid-connected development. With reference to my country's photovoltaic industry, the expansion of its installed scale has a greater contribution to the reduction of power generation costs. The data shows that since 2011, my country's cumulative photovoltaic installation The capacity has expanded by nearly 40 times, and the photovoltaic electricity price has dropped by about 50%, while the current installed scale of photothermal power generation in my country is relatively small, cost reduction also requires a greater degree of large-scale production, application and policy support.

In view of the fact that the first batch of representative demonstration projects have been completed and put into operation, it is verified that China has the conditions and construction capacity for the development of photothermal power generation industry, and the demonstration goal has been achieved. In order to promote the sound development of China's solar thermal power generation industry and promote the realization of the planning target of 5GW installed capacity of solar thermal power generation in the 13th Five-Year Plan, it is recommended that:

1,As soon as possible to revitalize the first batch of demonstration projects in the withdrawal of projects, has been disqualified from demonstration projects, clear extension policy selection of suitable investment enterprises to continue construction.

It is recommended that new investors be allowed to hand over the relevant procedures by purchasing the previous results of the original investors. Through the continuity of the policy, to ensure that the market volume will not shrink, not only makes the solar thermal enterprises continue to have room to play, but also to ensure that the local government of the project in the case of financial constraints for the project will not be idle waste.

2、Start a batch of new projects as soon as possible to keep the electricity price policy stable.

(1) A single photothermal power generation project has a large investment, with a construction period of 36 months, and is all in the northwest region affected by the inability to construct in winter. In order to complete the planning target of 5GW in the 13th Five-Year Plan as scheduled, it is recommended to start the remaining 4GW project in 2019 and encourage enterprises to develop large-scale photothermal power generation bases to form a large-scale effect;

(2) As China's solar thermal power generation industry has not yet entered the commercial development, is still in the initial stage of market cultivation, it is recommended that the "13th Five-Year Plan" period of electricity price policy to maintain stability.

3、Increase policy support to improve the economy of power plants.

The strong support of national policies has promoted the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry in recent years. Compared with photovoltaic power generation, the investment in photothermal power generation projects is huge, but the state does not have a targeted support policy to match it. For this reason, it is recommended that the state increase policy support for photothermal power generation and introduce a package of support policies.

Drawing on the experience of developed countries, the use of investment tax credits, loan guarantees, policy-based low-interest loans and the issuance of green bonds, etc., to solve the problem of financing difficulties and expensive financing for the solar-thermal power generation industry;

At present, the tax burden of solar thermal power generation enterprises in China is heavy, and the proportion of land use tax, soil and water conservation fee and land acquisition compensation fee involved in solar thermal power generation projects is too high. It is suggested that the State Energy Administration and the State Administration of Taxation should take the lead in comprehensively cleaning up the list of land use tax, soil and water conservation fee and import tariff of solar thermal power generation enterprises, and learn from the successful experience of solar thermal industry in the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions, Increase, effectively reduce the burden on emerging industries;

The life of solar thermal power station is far more than 35 years, which can reach the same level as conventional thermal power station and nuclear power station. Therefore, it is suggested to extend the electricity price policy of solar thermal power demonstration project to more than 35 years (the similar electricity price policy period of foreign solar thermal power, such as Dubai project); This will further enhance the investment feasibility of solar thermal power station and attract capital from all walks of life to steadily enter the solar thermal power industry;

It is suggested that the Ministry of Finance should directly include the demonstration project of solar thermal power generation in the supplementary fund subsidy catalogue of renewable energy electricity price and give priority to the allocation of its subsidy funds.

4、Accelerate the layout and launch of a number of "photovoltaic wind power photothermal storage" multi-energy complementary projects, alleviate the problem of scenery consumption, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of regional renewable energy.

It has become a general trend to build a comprehensive energy system with organic integration of various energy sources and integration and complementarity. It is suggested to lay out a batch of multi-energy complementary projects of "wind power, photovoltaic power and photothermal (with energy storage) power generation" in areas with sufficient wind and solar energy in northwest China as soon as possible, and use photothermal power generation as a means of adjustment to improve the inherent intermittency and instability of wind and photovoltaic power generation, the quota of photovoltaic and wind power involved in the project will be supported separately to promote the healthy and sustainable development of regional renewable energy.