[Contract] Dunhuang First Airlines Signed Electricity Purchase and Sale Contract for Energy Saving and New Energy


Source: The first flight energy saving

Author: The first flight energy saving

Recently, Dunhuang Shouhang Energy Saving New Energy Co., Ltd. and State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company signed the "Electricity Purchase and Sale Contract for Photothermal Power Station". State Grid Gansu Company fully guarantees the purchase of the electricity produced by the 100MW molten salt tower power station of Shouhang Energy Saving Dunhuang Phase II. The electricity sales price is 1.15 yuan/kwh for the first batch of national photothermal power generation demonstration projects.

Main contents of the contract:

1, the subject of the contract: the seller of the electricity of the thermal power station;

2. On-grid electricity price: with the approval of the government price department or in accordance with the regulations of the government price department, the on-grid electricity price of the photothermal power generation project is tentatively set at 1150 yuan/(MW · h). Among them, the electricity price settled by the purchaser, that is, the benchmark on-grid electricity price of the local desulfurization coal-fired unit approved or confirmed by the government price department, is 1150 yuan/(MW · h); Renewable energy subsidies will be determined after obtaining relevant documents.

3, on-grid electricity: on-grid electricity in accordance with the "renewable energy law" full guarantee acquisition.

4, electricity calculation: the online electricity to monthly settlement period, to achieve the Nissin monthly settlement, year-end liquidation. The two sides took the electricity quantity copied at 0:00 Beijing time on the penultimate day of the metering point charging watt-hour meter at the end of the month as the basis, and after mutual confirmation, the electricity quantity was calculated. The measurement of electricity in the network shall follow the agreement of the electricity supply contract.

5. Electricity charge calculation: The electricity charge shall be settled in RMB, and the confirmation of electricity charge shall be completed within 5 working days after the confirmation of electricity settlement.

6. Conditions for entry into force: The contract shall take effect after being signed by the legal representatives of the buyer and the seller or their authorized representatives, stamped with the official seal of the units of both parties or the special seal of the contract;