The first flight energy-saving project was awarded the first batch of "2018 provincial civilized construction site"




In order to further carry out the "Shaanxi Province Civilized Construction Site" creation activities, strengthen the management of construction projects, promote the quality of the project, improve the level of construction safety, and give full play to the model demonstration and leading role of civilized construction sites, the Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department began to publish the list of the first batch of provincial civilized construction sites in April 2018. After selection, the Shaanxi Energy Zhao Shipan (2 × 1000MW) indirect air-cooling system project, which was the first energy-saving general contract, won this honor, and recently awarded.


Successful enterprises cannot do without management. Only by integrating talents, technology and capital can they play an effective role. First flight energy conservation is well aware of the importance of management mode selection. Since its establishment, from air cooling power station to light and heat power station construction, it has been strictly focusing on project management, strictly requiring the project department to standardize the management of project site with high quality and high standards, Strengthen the establishment of safe and civilized construction site, and strengthen civilized construction measures, formulate clear safety production management objectives and programs.

It is reported that the EPC project of the table-condensing indirect air cooling system of Shaanxi energy zhaoshipan coal and electricity co., ltd. lei longwan power plant (2 × 1000MW) project has achieved outstanding results since its official start in 2017, with the efforts of all members of the project department and the strong support of the company's leaders and colleagues from various departments, and has been fully affirmed and rewarded by the owner, general contractor, supervision unit and local government departments for many times.


Zhaoshipan 2 × 1000MW Indirect Air Cooling System EPC Project


Zhaoshipan 2 × 1000MW Indirect Air Cooling System EPC Project

The award of the honor is not only a strong demonstration of the first flight energy conservation and project department management team striving for advanced and maintaining the first-class management level, but also the affirmation of the local government and owners for the first flight energy conservation. Shouhang Energy Conservation will also continue to take the lead in civilized construction sites, train more excellent front-line project construction managers, and better provide first-class management and first-class services for each project.