The leadership of the National Energy Administration went to the first voyage to guide the work of energy-saving Dunhuang light and heat.




On August 17, 2018, the research team led by Liu Baohua, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, was accompanied by relevant leaders such as Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, Gansu Electric Power Company, Jiuquan Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, Dunhuang Municipal Party Committee, Dunhuang Development and Reform Bureau, etc. Accompanied by the investigation and visit of the Shouhang Energy-saving Dunhuang Guangthermal Power Station project, project commander Liu Qiang, and Shouhang Huang Wenbo and Huang Qingle, vice chairman of Shoulin.



Project Commander Liu Qiang reported to Deputy Director Liu Baohua and other leaders

On behalf of Shouhang Energy Saving, Liu Qiang extended a warm welcome to the research team and introduced the construction progress of the second phase of the 100M project and the operation of the first phase of the 10MW project!


Research Group Deepens Investigation of Phase II 100MW Photothermal Power Station

The research team visited the site of the second phase 100MW molten salt tower photothermal project to learn more about the construction progress of the project! The relevant person in charge of the first voyage energy-saving photothermal project introduced: this project is the largest tower-type concentrating molten salt heat storage power generation project among the first batch of photothermal demonstration projects in the country. at present, all systems of the power station are at the peak of construction, and the progress of all installation projects is in full progress as planned. it is planned to basically complete the installation in September and enter the commissioning phase to ensure grid-connected power generation at the end of the end of the year. The successful completion of the project will enhance the country's confidence in the development of photothermal power generation projects, and drive the technological progress of photothermal power generation and the sound development of the photothermal industry. In the areas with rich light resources in the world, especially the areas along the "Belt and Road" have good development space, and the effect of economic dynamics and environmental protection is obvious, which is of great significance.


First voyage energy-saving Dunhuang Phase II 100MW molten salt tower solar thermal power station

Subsequently, the research team visited the first phase of 10MMW photothermal power station and entered the control room for in-depth research. In the 10MW central control room, the research team learned the recent operation data through the control screen, and the operators brought up the historical operation curve to answer the questions concerned by the research team one by one. The research team learned that the power generation reached 18.8 and 185000 degrees respectively in the past two days and expressed its appreciation.


Research Group Enters Phase I 10MW Photothermal Power Station Control Room for Investigation


Data Screen in Control Room of 10MW Photothermal Power Station of First Flight Energy Saving Phase I


Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of the first flight energy conservation, reported to the research team.


Huang Qingle, vice chairman of the first flight energy conservation, and Liu Baohua, deputy director of the communication work

The first phase of the 10MW energy-saving project was completed and put into operation in 2016. At present, all system indicators of the unit's photothermal power have reached the design standards, and the unit is operating in good condition. This project is a pilot project before the photothermal demonstration project, which has played an important role in the technological progress of photothermal power station and the commercialization of photothermal projects, especially providing kinetic energy and basis for the start of the first batch of national demonstration projects.

Through this investigation, Deputy Director Liu Baohua and other leaders highly affirmed and supported the construction work of Shouhang Energy Saving, and also hoped that Shouhang Energy Saving would continue to play a leading role in the following construction and planning, maintain a good operation state of 10MW in the first phase, and train more excellent photothermal technicians. Shouhang Energy Conservation will also continue to do a good job in the later stage, maintain a good environment in the industry, give full play to the advantages of Shouhang Energy Conservation, and accelerate the further promotion of domestic photothermal technology.