Beijing Institute of Technology students to the first flight energy-saving light and heat on-site visit to learn




Recently, nine freshman students majoring in optoelectronics from Beijing Institute of Technology came to Dunhuang Shouhang Photothermal Power Plant for practice and visit with strong curiosity about light and heat. Through a day of practical study, the students had a deep understanding of the principle of tower molten salt photothermal power generation, broadened their learning horizons, and couldn't help but sigh the rapid development of the new energy industry, which laid a good foundation for future learning.


As the world's third Asian first tower molten salt project that can generate electricity for 24 hours in a row, the Dunhuang first voyage energy-saving 10MW solar thermal project is also one of the landmark buildings in Dunhuang, which is very attractive to students who see the solar thermal power plant for the first time. They listened carefully to the explanation of the development trend and power generation principle of our factory by the energy-saving staff of the first flight. They walked on the hot land of Gobi Desert towards the light gathering point. Then the students came to the brain-main control room of the power plant. The operators controlled the operation of the equipment of the whole power plant through computers, making the students marvel at the modern and fully automatic sense of science and technology.


After visiting the Photothermal Power Plant, the students also watched the company's promotional video, learned about the company's development process, and discussed the tower molten salt photothermal power generation. Everyone exchanged views and shared their experiences.


After a short rest, the students were not afraid of the scorching sun. Under the leadership of the energy-saving staff of the first flight, they came to the construction site of the 100MW solar thermal power plant with curiosity. With neat steps, they shuttled through the steel forest under construction. Behind them was a towering heliostat. The scale of the 100MW power plant was ten times that of the 10MW power plant.


The heat absorption tower more than 260 meters high echoes with the shining heat absorption tower of the first phase. Everything here has aroused the enthusiasm of the students for knowledge. Everyone accelerated their pace and came to the main factory building under construction. Through the careful explanation of the staff, The students have a more intuitive understanding of the principle of power generation and the division of labor in the system, allowing students to learn knowledge that cannot be learned in books, also more profound experience of scientific and technological progress and the rapid development of new energy industry.


Through a day of practical study, the students gained a lot. They thanked the first flight for giving them a learning platform and experience opportunity. They said together that "the first flight is a worthwhile trip". The students enthusiastically left a day's learning experience and experience on the message board. They learned about the first flight from "Awesome My Country" and "Innovative China", and learned about the first flight from today's experience, today, the first voyage people have been adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation and striving for the creation of clean energy. Today you learn about the first voyage from TV, and tomorrow you will learn about the world from the first voyage.




(The above is contributed by the First Flight Energy Conservation Dunhuang Project Office)


Since the beginning of the new century, the rise of new energy industry has sought for the benefit of mankind. Nature endows unexhausted energy, in the context of the relative maturity of domestic photovoltaic technology, the national macro-strategy straight point to the construction of the thermal development project.

Visit Asia's first tower molten salt heat storage 10mw photothermal power generation project and 100mw photothermal power generation project. Understand the importance of energy and major, the actual difficulty of the construction of large-scale projects. From the pilot scientific research project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Badaling to the visit of the first voyage energy-saving project, I learned the advantages and reasons of photothermal power generation. Awesome, my country!

-- Chen, wait

From the introduction of the documentary "Innovative China" in just a few minutes at the beginning of the year, I was full of admiration for the innovative ability of the Chinese people. I didn't expect to be able to visit this great project one day. Simple principle of gathering sunlight, did not expect to realize the construction process is full of various technical problems. The third in the world and the first in Asia. I hope that our generation of young people can also create such brilliance for the country!

-- Zhang Mengmeng

At the beginning of 2018, the collective movie "Awesome, My Country" organized by the school saw the major project of Dunhuang Shouhang Energy-saving Photothermal Power Station. At that time, it lamented the country's strong scientific and educational research and development and engineering construction capabilities. I think it was a very meaningful and memorable experience to choose the first voyage 2018 summer social practice. Awesome, my country!

-- Gu Shengyu