Sunshine's First Sail, Point "Beautiful" Silk Road




At 19:00 on September 3, 2017, in the western border of the motherland, the belt and road initiative's starting point, Dunhuang ancient county, where eastern and western civilizations are integrated and exchanged, ushered in the long-awaited grape pageant. the 7th Dunhuang grape culture tourism festival "grape fairy" selection and grape carnival activities kicked off at the first voyage of energy-saving Dunhuang photothermal power station.

Photothermal Power Station in Energy-saving Operation

Figure: The power station that is preparing for the arrival of Belle in the evening.

Figure: Beauty from various countries entering the activity site of the Photothermal Power Station

About 200 diplomatic envoys to China, relevant leaders of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dunhuang City, leaders of Shouhang Energy Conservation Headquarters, and construction and management personnel of Dunhuang Guangthermal Power Station participated in the event. Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of Shouhang Energy Conservation, delivered a speech on behalf of the company. He said that Dunhuang's abundant sunshine energy not only breeds high-quality grapes, but also breeds photothermal power generation technology, which continuously outputs 100% clean energy.

Figure: Speech by Huang Wenbo, Vice Chairman of the First Airlines Energy Conservation

Before the start of the activity, the elegant flying sky presented all kinds of glittering and translucent grapes to the guests.

Figure: Feitian presents the grapes selected for this event for all guests.

During the activity, the guests tasted Dunhuang's characteristic grapes while enjoying the majestic solar thermal power station, runway show and flying dance. Twelve "grape fairies" from countries along the belt and road initiative shuttled through the thousand-sided concentrating heliostat on the site of the first voyage energy-saving solar thermal power station, showing a graceful image.

Figure: Grape Carnival activity site

Figure: Grape Carnival activity site

Figure: Grape Carnival activity site

Figure: Grape Carnival activity site

Figure: Grape Carnival activity site

The flying dance under the heat absorption tower reproduces the glorious history of the ancient Silk Road. The operators in the control room are concentrating on directing the heliostat to convert the afterglow before the sun goes down into energy, convert the heat energy into electricity, and send it to thousands of households. It shows the blend of modern technology and profound historical heritage.

The first male model and beauties from various countries who stood out from the selection took a confident step in the world's third and Asia's first molten salt tower solar thermal power station that can generate electricity 24 hours a day, attracting bursts of cheers.

The U.S. counselors who participated in the event highly appreciated the holding of the Grape Festival in Dunhuang Guangthermal Power Station. He said: Dunhuang's grapes are sweet and delicious, and China's solar thermal power station has shocked him. At the same time, Lucia, a beauty from Russia, said that the solar thermal power station is magnificent and beautiful. She was shocked and liked the platform and shooting environment here.

In ancient times, there was a flint who drilled wood to make fire, but today there is light and heat who gathered light into energy! Responsibility and innovation, and advancing through difficulties are the excellent genes of the Chinese nation. Promoting the development and utilization of green and clean energy for the benefit of mankind is also the common long-cherished wish of photothermal colleagues! The first voyage of the sun, lighting the Silk Road is the development vision of the first voyage. We look forward to the 8th Grape Festival. Amid the melodious camel bells of Dunhuang for a thousand years, the ancient sunshine will set sail again and continue to shine on the Silk Road! Let us witness together! Create brilliant!