The first voyage energy-saving ready to go, successfully entered the nuclear power industry




Recently, our company has been strictly inspected and reviewed by experts, and won the "China Nuclear Group Qualified Supplier Certificate" issued by China National Nuclear Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China National Nuclear Corporation") commissioned Xingyuan Certification Center Co., Ltd.

Entrusted by CNNC, Xingyuan Certification Center Co., Ltd. is qualified to provide products (or services) to CNNC headquarters and subordinate units in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations such as the measures for Evaluation and Information Management of qualified suppliers of CNNC.

China National Nuclear Corporation is mainly engaged in scientific research, development, construction, production and operation in the fields of nuclear military industry, nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear technology application, nuclear environmental protection engineering, etc., as well as foreign economic cooperation and import and export business. It is currently the main investor of nuclear power and under construction in China, the main body of nuclear power technology development, the most important general contractor of nuclear power design and engineering, nuclear power operation technology service provider and nuclear power exporter, it is a domestic nuclear fuel cycle exclusive supplier, a professional force in nuclear environmental protection engineering and a backbone unit in the application of nuclear technology.

The acquisition of this certification indicates that our company is qualified to provide design, products and services to the headquarters and subordinate units of CNNC, and that the relevant equipment of the company has met the relevant requirements in the field of nuclear industry. It has a positive role in promoting the future extension of the company's business to the field of nuclear power, which can effectively enhance the company's core competitiveness.

At present, our company is the only company in China that has mastered 1 million kW direct air cooling and 1 million kW indirect air cooling at the same time, and is also the only company that has obtained the qualification of qualified supplier of power station air cooling nuclear power. Shouhang Energy Conservation will also continue its efforts to enter the domestic nuclear power field, and take advantage of the country's vigorous export of nuclear power technology to go abroad and create a world-class brand.