Shouhang Energy Saving invests to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Dengkou County, Inner Mongolia.




On October 14, 2015, the wholly-owned subsidiary invested and established by our company in Dengkou County, Inner Mongolia completed the relevant procedures for industrial and commercial registration and obtained the "Business License for Enterprise Legal Person" issued by the Market Supervision Administration of Dengkou County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The completion of the registration of Dengkou Shouhang Energy Saving New Energy Co., Ltd. marks the official start of the company's layout of photothermal power generation business in Inner Mongolia.

Dengkou County in Inner Mongolia belongs to temperate continental climate, stable climate and abundant sunshine. The annual average sunshine hours of more than 3000 hours, solar energy resources belong to the second category.

According to the "2x 125MW Molten Salt Tower Solar Thermal Power Generation Project Investment Intention Agreement" signed between our company and the Management Committee of Dengkou County Industrial Park in Inner Mongolia, the company will actively promote the filing of this project, and will carry out the project construction work in time after obtaining the filing documents. At that time, it will become the first domestic company to start the construction of 125MW solar thermal molten salt tower project (another announcement will be issued according to the project progress and program requirements), it is expected to further establish the company's competitive position in the industry, and is expected to provide support for the company's subsequent development of photothermal power generation business, while promoting the development of the local economy.

In addition, our company will strive to make the project enter the first batch of national photothermal power generation demonstration project planning in accordance with the provisions of the notice of the State Energy Administration on organizing the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project, so as to promote the accelerated landing of the company's photothermal power generation business and positively promote the rapid growth of the company's performance.