Dunhuang's first 100MW molten salt tower solar-thermal power station generates high sesame blossoms!





On December 28, 2018, the unit was connected to the grid for the first time.


In June 2019, the power station achieved full load operation, with an annual power generation capacity of 86.4717 million kWh.


In 2020, the annual power generation is 0.137 billion kWh, an increase58.3%.


2021, annual power generation 0.2 billion kWh, an increase46.2%.


2022 Due to turbine defects, the maximum safe operating load of the unit is proposed by experts not to exceed 63%,Annual power generation remains flat with 2021.


In 2023, the highest ever since the power station was put into operation, and the power generation by the end of November was0.235 billion kWh, year-on-year increase from January to November last year21%.


In 2023, the maximum safe operating load of the unit will not exceed 63%, resulting in a large amount of light abandonment, directly reducing the power generation by 65.79 million kWh. In September 2023, the monthly power generation exceeded31.92 million kWh, the longest uninterrupted power generation time338.21 hoursThe electricity consumption rate of the production plant is 8%. After analyzing various operating data in 2023, in addition to the power generation system, the operation indexes of the concentrating heat collection system and the heat storage and heat exchange system have been significantly improved.




Operation curve


From the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024, the high-pressure cylinder of the steam turbine will be replaced to promote the matching of the power generation island with the solar island and the energy storage island.


The first 100MW molten salt tower solar thermal power station in Dunhuang has been increasing steadily for five consecutive years since 2018. It is verified that the tower photothermal technology of the first voyage can adapt to the complex environment and various operating conditions, and has a good development prospect. We believe that the power generation data of the first Dunhuang Tower Photothermal Power Station in 2024 will reach a new record high!