Chasing Light and Building Dreams-Golmud of the Three Gorges | First Set of heliostats Formally Assembled and Downline




Three Gorges Energy Qinghai Golmud 100MW Photothermal Project

On November 8, 2023, after nearly one and a half months, the equipment installation and commissioning of the heliostat assembly workshop of the Three Gorges Energy Qinghai Golmud 100MW Photothermal Project, which was contracted by the consortium with the participation of Shouhang High Tech, has been completed, and batch product installation and hoisting will be carried out as planned in the later period. The assembly and offline installation of the first set of heliostats is an important milestone in the mirror field of the Golmud project, marking the official start of the production and installation of heliostats.




Shouhang Gaoke's design team of photothermal power generation mirror field has more than ten years of experience in heliostat research and development, design, intelligent control, operation and maintenance. Among them, in terms of hardware design and research and development, the company has mature experience and independent intellectual property rights in the design and manufacture of large and small heliostats and intelligent control systems, which are as small as several square meters and as large as 183 square meters, it also adopts the world's advanced fully automated heliostat manufacturing, assembly, and inspection integrated high-efficiency intelligent production line, which can be reasonably selected according to different working conditions and needs to achieve high efficiency, large-scale, improve surface accuracy, and improve the optical heliostat Efficiency to ensure stable, efficient and accurate operation of the heliostat.




Three Gorges Energy Qinghai Golmud 100MW Photothermal Project is located in Wutu Meiren Solar Power Generation Base in Golmud City, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. The total installed capacity of this project is 1100MW:1000MW photovoltaic power generation project 100MW photothermal project.


According to the division of labor in the consortium, Shouhang Gaoke is responsible for the EPC general contracting management of the photothermal power generation project, and is responsible for providing the supply of main photothermal power station equipment such as mirror field equipment and control system, heat absorber and heat collection system, heat storage tank, air cooling system, etc.


All the personnel of Shouhang Hi-Tech and all the personnel of the EPC general contracting consortium will overcome the difficulties and strive to complete the tasks assigned by the construction unit on the premise of ensuring safety and quality!