The First Aviation High-tech Consortium won the bid for the EPC General Contracting Project of Guotou Ruoqiang 100000 kW Photothermal Power Generation Project.




On December 13, 2022, the bidding consortium formed by Shouhang Gaoke Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and China Electric Power Engineering Consulting Group North China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. received the Letter of Acceptance (000645-202215553) for the EPC general contracting project of Guotou Ruoqiang 100000 kW Photothermal Power Generation Project of Guotou Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd., confirming thatEPC General Contracting Project of Ruoqiang 100000 kW Photothermal Power Generation Project.


According to the division of labor in the consortium, the scope of work of Shouhang Gaoke is responsible for providing concentrator and heat collection system scheme and equipment supply (including heliostat and control system, heat absorbing gas and auxiliary equipment), heat storage system, chemical salt system, air cooling system equipment and corresponding construction and safety projects; the North China Institute is responsible for the overall design and survey of the project, as well as the supply of other equipment and the corresponding construction and safety projects except for the supply scope of Shouhang High-Tech.


Winning amount

RMB 1,346,280,000.00 Yuan

Project Overview

The site of Guotou Ruoqiang 100000 kW Photothermal Power Generation Project is located in Tiemurik Township, Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang. The northwest is about 205km away from Ruoqiang County and the northeast is about 62km away from Mangyaba, Qinghai. The project newly built 1 × 100MW tower solar thermal generator set, equipped with 8h molten salt heat storage system.



In the context of accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation of the energy structure, this project will play a key role in the adjustment of the energy structure of Ruoqiang County, and will help promote Ruoqiang County to achieve the dual carbon target faster. Shouhang Gaoke will also work together to build a new power system with the joint efforts of all walks of life.