Dr. Shen Yongqian was awarded the China Postdoctoral Science Fund




A few days ago, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation announced the 71st batch of personnel to be funded by the "Regional Special Support Program", the first aviation high-tech in-station postdoctoral research project before Shen Yongqian"Structure control and electromagnetic wave absorption properties of MOFs-derived nickel/carbon nanocomposite porous fibers"Second class funding,The funding amount is 80000 yuan.

The general fund is the main project of the National Fund Committee. Many outstanding scholars started from the general fund, so the competition for talents is fierce. Dr. Shen's fund relies on his understanding of cutting-edge disciplines and his solid research foundation.The postdoctoral workstation of Shouhang Hi-Tech Company was funded by the highest national fund for the first time, marking that the company's postdoctoral research level has reached a new level.

Earlier this month, Dr. Shen published《Space-confined fabrication of hydrophobic magnetic carbon nanofibers for lightweight and enhanced microwave absorption》研究成果被SCI中科院一区、TOP期刊《Carbon》在线发表,影响因子:9.5。
Dr. Shen Yongqian, the first flight high-tech postdoctoral workstation entered the station in January 2022. During the station, the research topic is the development and application of self-cleaning coatings on photothermal and photovoltaic glass surfaces. The SiO/ZnO/MQ-methyl silicone self-cleaning coatings studied in this topic can be applied to dust removal on photothermal and photovoltaic glass surfaces in the future, which can effectively reduce the cleaning cost of photothermal and photovoltaic glass surface dust, it has important application prospects and can also bring huge economic benefits.