The first 100MW tower solar thermal power station in Dunhuang was included in the renewable energy subsidy publicity list, and the on-line electricity price was 1.15 yuan/kWh.




Recently, the State Grid once again announced a number of projects included in the list of renewable energy subsidies.Huang maiden voyageEnergy Saving New Energy Co., Ltd. Dunhuang 100000 kW Molten Salt Tower Solar Thermal Power Generation Project Successfully Selected, Internet electricityThe price is 1.15 yuan/kWh (including tax).



According to the 2016 National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on the solar thermal power generation benchmark on-grid tariff policy", approved the national unified solar thermal power generation (including more than 4 hours of heat storage function) benchmarkThe on-grid tariff is 1.15 yuan per kilowatt-hour (including tax). All solar thermal power generation projects put into operation before December 31, 2018 shall implement the above-mentioned benchmark feed-in tariff.

The first 100000-kilowatt molten salt tower solar thermal power generation project in Dunhuang was officially connected to the grid on December 28, 2018.



The announcement involves 124 projects with a total capacity of 4177.408MW. Among them, there are 95 photovoltaic projects with a scale of 2588.908MW, 21 wind power projects with a scale of 1353 MW, 1 photothermal project with a scale of 100MW, and 7 biomass power generation projects with a scale of 135MW. (Website:

The first energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW tower molten salt solar thermal power station was connected to the grid on December 28, 2018, with an installed capacity of 100MW and an 11-hour molten salt heat storage system. The mirror field covers an area of about 1.4 million square meters. It is currently the largest solar thermal power station in China and even in Asia. Its designed annual power generation capacity is 0.39 billion kWh, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350000 tons per year. The power station is independently designed, invested and constructed by Shouhang Energy Saving Company, with 100% independent intellectual property rights.