The first flight energy saving was invited to appear in the 7th Gansu New Expo




In this scorching sun, Jiuquan, Gansu, but blowing a cool green energy wind, to people a trace of coolness.

On August 9, 2016, the 7th China (Gansu) International New Energy Expo was grandly opened in Jiuquan, Gansu.

Opening Ceremony of the 7th Gansu New Expo

Shouhang Energy Conservation was invited to participate in the 7th New Expo. At the same time, the opening ceremony and the "Belt and Road" New Energy International Cooperation Summit Forum were also held at the Jiuquan Convention and Exhibition Center. Gao Feng, general manager of the company, gave a speech on "Craftsmanship-Successful Exploration of Molten Salt Tower Photothermal Power Station" at the forum. At the meeting, Mr. Gao focused on a large number of technical research and project introduction currently carried out by our company and the prospect planning of 100MW and 300MW projects in the later period of the first flight energy conservation, which attracted the attention of all personnel to photothermal technology and our company's projects.

First flight energy-saving general manager summit forum speech

The conference site was packed

The four-day New Expo is hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People's Government of Gansu Province, and undertaken by the Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Gansu Provincial Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the People's Government of Jiuquan City. The theme of "New Energy and New Development" aims to promote the "four major revolutions" in energy consumption, energy supply, energy technology and energy system, and strengthen the "Belt and Road" international energy cooperation in all-round way. Compared with previous sessions, the 7th Gansu New Energy Expo has a larger scale, a wider participation area and more guests.

The main color of the exhibition's first flight energy-saving exhibition hall is mainly designed with the first flight blue and light-heat orange as the main color. The theme of our company's exhibition is: "gather sunshine, light up the world". The 10MW molten salt tower type photothermal project of the first voyage energy saving to be generated in Dunhuang is highlighted. Lin Duo, deputy secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Governor, and relevant leaders inspected the museum and visited the energy-saving booth of the first voyage, fully affirming the energy-saving photothermal technology and advantages of the first voyage.

Lin Duo, Deputy Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Governor, and relevant leaders visited the museum

Liang Zhipeng, deputy director of the New Energy Department of the National Energy Administration, went to the Shouhang Exhibition Hall to learn more about the technical and engineering progress.

The visitors who pay attention to the energy-saving exhibition hall of the first voyage are full of curiosity and recognition of the energy-saving photothermal technology of the first voyage.