The first voyage energy-saving first cross-industrial water zero discharge field, and Xinjiang Guoxin successfully signed a contract.




Recently, our company Beijing Shouhang Energy Saving Aiqiwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Guoxin Coal and Electricity Energy Co., Ltd. successfully signed the "Xinjiang Guoxin Zhundong 2 × 660MW Coal and Electricity Project Desulfurization Wastewater Resource Zero Emission MED Evaporation Crystallization System Technical Cooperation Development Contract". According to the agreement, the two parties jointly participated in the research and development of 20 tons/hour desulfurization wastewater resource zero-discharge MED three-effect evaporation crystallization system.

The project is mainly through the resource zero discharge MED concentration crystallization system treatment, MED effluent by the chemical water treatment system simple treatment, can fully meet the boiler normal water replenishment water quality requirements. Without the need to take the early high cost of softening treatment, can be all suspended solids in the wastewater, inorganic salts, such as evaporation crystallization, step-by-step separation. With advanced design concept and reliable operation scheme, according to the characteristics of the customer's water quality, tailor-made products to meet the needs of users.

China's zero discharge of industrial wastewater is currently in its infancy. Through the "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater, we can achieve the goal of emission reduction, protect the ecological environment, avoid water and groundwater pollution, which is of great significance to water pollution control; at the same time, it can reduce the total amount of industrial water; alleviate the plight of serious shortage of water resources.

This project is the first project of the first voyage energy saving in the field of zero discharge of industrial sewage. Shouhang Energy Conservation has established Shouhang Water Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Xiamen. Through this subsidiary, Shouhang Energy Conservation will vigorously promote the development of seawater desalination, zero discharge of industrial water, and urban sewage projects.

The signing of the contract between Shouhang Energy Conservation and Xinjiang Guoxin indicates that Shouhang Energy Conservation has successfully entered the field of industrial water zero discharge. The implementation of this project will help the company to obtain the engineering performance and technical reserves in the field of industrial water zero discharge. The company's subsequent market development in the field of water resources treatment and zero discharge will also be developed accordingly. At the same time, Shouhang Energy Conservation will also closely focus on the corporate mission of "making the earth more beautiful, vigorously enhance the company's technology accumulation and core competitiveness in this field.