The first voyage person won the title of "new project, also Kirin talent"




A few days ago, in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the first 2016 Yizhuang "New Project · Yiqilin Talents" selection conference was held in Daxing District, Beijing! 373 outstanding industrial talents and teams from all walks of life in the development zone won the first award of leading talents in the new project of Yiqilin. li changyou, vice chairman of the cppcc municipal committee, attended the meeting. Huang Wenbo, vice chairman of our company, won the honor of "new project · also Kirin talent" and attended the award ceremony.

"Yi Qilin" takes the meaning of "Qilin talent", which not only praises the award-winning talents with both ability and political integrity, but also reflects the thirst for talents in the development zone.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone stated that in order to allow more talents to choose Beijing Yizhuang, in 2015, the development zone formulated policies and measures that are compatible with the central government and Beijing to promote the reward, support and innovation of leading talents in "new projects". Entrepreneurship development.

Since its establishment in 2001, Shouhang Energy Conservation has always adhered to self-innovation, technological development, and continuous absorption of innovative talents. It has successively become a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, an enterprise in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, and a Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, etc., and won the National Science and Technology Progress Dozens of honors including the second prize. As an innovative environmental protection enterprise, Shouhang Energy Conservation has been pursuing and maintaining its leading position in the industry.

Innovation is the driving force for the continuous development of an enterprise. The award of "New Project and Kirin Talent" has also inspired the first voyage to save energy and our first voyage. We will introduce more talents, strengthen the research and development of new technologies, increase the reward system for innovative talents, and cultivate more innovative technology research and development talents, so as to improve the independent innovation ability and comprehensive strength of Shouhang energy conservation. The first flight energy conservation will not forget its original intention, continue to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future on the road of new energy technology research and development, and contribute to our environmental protection cause, so as to make our sky bluer, the ground greener, the gas cleaner and the water clearer.