Construction Scene of the First Flight Energy-saving Dunhuang 10MW Photothermal Power Station




On the afternoon of August 21, participants of the first China Solar Thermal Power Generation Conference visited the Dunhuang 10MW tower molten salt solar thermal power station under construction in the first flight. The project site staff gave a brief introduction to the project. Recently, the heat collection tower of the project has been poured and the heat absorber will be installed. The heat collection tower is about 110 meters high. After the heat absorber is installed, the total height will exceed 120 meters.

The molten salt heat absorber is completely developed and designed by Shouhang Energy Saving. It has been manufactured in its Tianjin factory and will arrive at the site for installation in a few days. The molten salt heat absorber is the key equipment of the tower type molten salt power station, and it is also a major technical difficulty. Our company's research and development on this has lasted nearly three years.

At the project site, it can be seen that the heliostat column has been installed for about 1/4, but the foundation of all heliostats has been basically poured. A total of 1522 sets of heliostats will be installed in the project, with a lighting area of 120 square meters for a single heliostat and a total lighting area of about 180000 square meters. Two heliostats have been erected at the project site. At present, only reducers have been installed and drive motors have not been installed.

The project will achieve 100 per cent of the domestic light field equipment, most of which are designed and produced by our company itself. The structural design of the heliostat is similar to that of the Gemasolar power station, consisting of 35 mirrors, arranged in 5*7 order, and the area of the single-sided mirror is about 3.4 square meters.

The project is planned to be completed before the end of this year and enter the commissioning phase. The commissioning period is planned to be half a year, and it will be connected to the grid and put into operation in June next year.

First voyage energy-saving photothermal tower heat collection tower

First voyage energy-saving solar-thermal tower heliostat

First voyage energy-saving tower heliostat column