Go with honor! Airline Hi-Tech Wins "Clean Energy and Technology Innovation Pioneer" Award at the 2023 Zero Carbon Mission International Climate Summit




On the eve of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, in order to actively promote the realization of the national vision of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", on November 1, it was sponsored by Phoenix Satellite TV, WWF (Switzerland) Beijing Representative Office (WWF) and Rocky Mountain Research Institute (RMI), and jointly sponsored by Beijing Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation (SEE Foundation), Avenue Climate Change Promotion Center (C Team) and Phoenix Network.2023 Zero Carbon Mission International Climate SummitThe conference was held at the Phoenix Center in Beijing with the theme of "Building a win-win and sustainable future together.


First Airline High-Tech was invited to attend the meeting and won "by virtue of its technological innovation strength in the field of clean energy".Pioneers of clean energy and technology innovation"Award.




2023 Zero Carbon Mission International Climate Summit



In 2020, China put forward the dual carbon goals of "carbon peak" in 2030 and "carbon neutral" in 2060, leading the green transformation in many fields. In order to encourage and recognize the individuals, teams and organizations that play an outstanding role in the implementation of the zero carbon mission, Phoenix Satellite TV has launched the annual "carbon neutral actor-climate change award" selection since 2021. The "2023 Green Development Annual Tribute" has been fully upgraded, and its concept has been extended to cover the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) concepts.


As a high-end forum in response to the upcoming COP28 in Dubai, the 2023 Zero Carbon Mission International Climate Summit invited nearly 60 top political, business and academic guests to discuss climate change and global challenges.




Winner of the Pioneer of Clean Energy and Technology Innovation Award




"Clean Energy and Technology Innovation Pioneer" aims to commend companies that have made outstanding contributions to the rapid development and innovation of clean energy every year, especially for those that have made special achievements in the breakthrough innovation, cost reduction and large-scale development of clean and low-carbon technologies. The recognition of their contributions will help encourage more industry companies to continue to invest in this field.


Huang Wenbo of Shouhang Hi-Tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd. said in his acceptance speech:


In the past two decades, Shouhang High-Tech has adhered to the development direction of "clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection", and also adopted the development concept of "making the sky blue, the ground green, the air clean, the water clear, and the people. Shouhang High-Tech has carried out the development of photothermal power generation technology and has invested more than 5 billion yuan in research and development and construction funds. In Dunhuang, the country's first 100-megawatt molten salt tower type solar thermal power station has been built, which can not only clean power generation, but also store energy, and can play the function of peak shaving. Over the past 20 years, Shouhang high tech has been promoting environment-friendly technologies with the mission of "making the earth more beautiful". In the future, it will continue to make efforts in clean energy and promote the development of some cleaner and more efficient technologies.


Shouhang High Tech will continue to give full play to its leading advantages in the fields of clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, constantly deepen technological innovation, promote the adjustment of energy structure, and constantly increase the proportion of clean energy in energy supply. build a grid-friendly renewable energy system, contribute to the global energy transformation and the realization of the dual carbon goal, and jointly create and realize the clean energy era hand in hand. Continue to move forward.