Storage of green energy, a total of China-Arab green energy map




The 6th China-Arab States Expo




From September 21 to 24, the 6th China-Arab States Expo was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. This expo is based on"Join hands in the new era, seize new opportunities, and share the new future."As the theme, set up a clean energy exhibition area and hold a China-Arab green energy cooperation dialogue to further promote the low-carbon energy transformation of the two sides, strengthen technical cooperation, promote the development of green energy between my country and the countries jointly built by the" Belt and Road ", and deepen three-dimensional energy cooperation To create a better green future.


Although China and Arab countries have their own different resource endowments and development paths, they are all transitioning towards a cleaner, greener, and low-carbon direction in the context of global commitment to energy transition and clean development.


"For example, China's mature power generation technology and related equipment in the fields of wind power and photovoltaic can now provide help for the energy transformation of Arab countries."

-Director of Caijing Institute of Regional Economy and Industry

Wang Yanchun, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Caijing Magazine


The Arab region is one of the regions with the best solar (5.710, -0.13, -2.23 per cent) and wind resources in the world, and is uniquely qualified to develop clean and renewable energy. China has advanced technology and rich experience in the field of photovoltaic and wind power. In the field of clean and renewable energy, China can achieve complementary advantages and integrated development with Arab countries.


The exhibition invites leaders of energy authorities of my country, Arab League member states, "Belt and Road" countries and regions, leaders of world-class energy companies such as Saudi Aramco, and representatives of major domestic energy companies and research institutions to participate in the exhibition. First Airlines Gaoke as a leading enterprise in the field of energy storage was invited to participate.




In this exhibition, Shouhang Gaoke focused on the unique advantages of the optical thermal power station in the field of energy storage and the products and businesses involved in the field of green energy, such as multi-energy complementarity of optical thermal energy storage, air cooling of power stations, clean heating, waste heat utilization, etc. This exhibition is highly compatible with the development of new energy in Ningxia and the development needs of new energy in countries and regions such as the "Belt and Road" along the Arab route, and has attracted many international and domestic customers for consultation and exchanges.





In recent years, the new energy and energy storage market has ushered in a new spring. As the driving area of "carbon neutrality" in the Belt and Road Initiative, Arabia is rich in light resources and various natural conditions are suitable for the development and application of photothermal projects. Shouhang Gaoke has long adhered to the strategic goal of "clean energy and low-carbon environmental protection". As a provider of new solar thermal energy storage system technology, Shouhang Gaoke has tapped the global market demand and continuously provided customers with green energy solutions. With the continuous maturity of domestic photothermal technology and the continuous reduction of costs, the first aviation high-tech will focus on the global market, from walking in to going out, will belong to China's photothermal technology to continue to promote the international, with long-term energy storage, stable cleaning and other advantages, for the international energy storage industry to bring China's energy storage technology.




With the continuous rise of the energy storage market, Shouhang Gaoke has received more and more media attention. During the meeting, Shouhang Gaoke accepted interviews with various media such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and China Economic Net. Shouhang also hopes that through its own efforts and the media, China's own photothermal technology will be continuously promoted, so that more countries and regions can better understand the meaning of photothermal and the technology behind photothermal.



In the first flight booth, not only the high-tech technology has attracted the attention of professionals, but the unique photothermal model has also attracted many ordinary audiences and students. Everyone has shown great interest in photothermal technology that can store energy in large capacity. We hope that in the high-tech future, we can learn more about this completely green, intelligent and scientific and technological new energy project.




With the promotion of new power system with new energy as the main body, the proportion of various intermittent and unstable new energy sources is increasing day by day, which requires larger-scale energy storage power supply, peak shaving power supply and basic power supply.Efficiency, lowerCost, betterCost-effectiveThe photothermal power station serves the new energy system. As the leader of photothermal technology, Shouhang Gaoke will also continue to meet opportunities and challenges through continuous investment, continuous innovation and expansion, and bring users photothermal technology belonging to China, thereby driving the development of global green energy storage technology. Serve the dual carbon goals of China and the world.